Webcam cover; discover some reasons why you need to protect your PC

Perhaps you like to use your computer in summer, you know that special season when you run around your house in your underwear and you think that nobody can see you. Or perhaps all members of your family show up out the blue in the screen of your phone. Or maybe someone can detect whether you are at home, at work, or traveling. Or they might be able to spy you and find out what you do when you work with your computer. This is not a joke, if you have a webcam, you are in danger and everyone should respect your privacy.

The truth is that there are many good reasons why you shouldn’t allow anyone to access the webcam of your laptop or smartphone.

The problem is that there are evil people out there who actually think this way and they are able to attack our privacy. From “voyeurs” to people who are interested in accessing details of our private lives or other important top secret data, such as passwords. What can we do if we come across someone like that?

Some people are already aware of the problem and take steps in order to protect themselves. We are pretty sure that you’ve seen at some point people who use laptops on the street or in coffee shops; and these people protect their webcam of their laptops with stickers, or a small plastic thingy, or even a post-it note. There are many different ways to have a webcam cover. In fact, some companies have realized that this is quite essential and have launched all kinds of small items (nicely designed) in order to have a webcam cover in a more elegant way. Anyway, what’s important is to choose a safe thing in order to cover your webcam so that nobody can see what you do.

When it comes to mobile phones, here we are talking about a really dangerous issue. To be honest, we take smartphones with us everywhere, and these are part of important moments in our lives and most of them have cameras that can send any image, so these cameras should also be protected. However, in this case, not many people actually do this.

Whether on a laptop, whether on a smartphone, whether on a tablet, or in any camera from a device which can be accessed via the Internet, the truth is that you should use a tool for webcam cover so that nobody can access it and spy you.

Yes, despite all the potential risks, there will always be people who consider all these things a bit “too much”. Maybe you’re one of them. Why do you think so? Let’s have a look at some additional factors so that you take into account this type of protection:

  • It’s quite easy to access the webcam of your computer. “Malware Infection” of your device can happen through different ways, such as when downloading software, or when you enter a website or when you download something that was attached in an email, among other things. In addition to this, some apps, which are available for free download, these might access our webcam, and sometimes we authorize that without even realising it…
  • This type of malicious software is more popular than you might think. It is known, as “creepware” and it’s quite popular. In fact, there are communities of webcams spies that are called “voyeurs”, and ill-intentioned people, who exchange pictures, videos and malicious programs. Although it is impossible to know an exact figure, it is estimated that there are thousands of “infected” devices around the world. Be careful, yours might be one of these.
  • You might think that the LED from your camera will warn you if your camera is on, but sometimes it won’t work like that. In fact, this is not a safe method to know if the camera is being used or not. They may be unauthorized access to the camera without the use of the LED lights, so some people might sneak around and spy you and you won’t even notice.
  • This type of “malware” (malicious software) is quite easy to avoid and protect. Unlike other types of infection, when you might actually need the intervention of computer professionals, when it comes to spyware the best effective remedy is usually to install a physical tool that blocks the camera to avoid spying in order to gain more security and to be able to use the camera when you need it.
  • As you can see, these are some good reasons for webcam cover that we can find in your electronic devices. Yes, if at some point you want to use one of your cameras remember that you might be vulnerable to potential spies …

    So this is it, we have seen some reasons why you need to be very careful with the cameras of our devices. Do you want to find out more?

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