The expert technologists around you, that digital magazine, your mother and your horoscope have already warned you more than once: 

IT monitoring is a prerequisite for your company’s health!

Visibility. Not a blind spot in your monitoring

But, of course, as much as you strive to be inclusive when it comes to keeping a close eye on the parts that make up your network, some systems end up escaping your attention.

The so-called blind spots

But instead of accepting this as an inevitable heavy cross (which, in addition, entails a great cost for your business), consider getting down to work and:

At the very least, avoid what you don’t see from damaging your IT infrastructure and the business processes that depend on it.

Remove the patch! Trace and perfect high visibility

Of course, you might be wondering:

What should a monitoring strategy include?

It is a very frequent question, which requires some zeal and work.

The determination of your monitoring strategy, in favor of greater IT visibility, must begin with creating an outline or index with the relevant information of the systems from all your platforms.

This will make it easier for the individual aspects of each system to be delivered and broken down. You will have before you the parts that interest you, the most appropriate ones, for a deeper evaluation level.

Take this outline, collaborate with the cool IT team of your organization, now actually help to define and implement monitoring with full visibility of all your IT assets.

You can take it as a high school group project!

These renewed aspects to be monitored will include:

  • Observation of specialized hardware devices.
  • The cloud-based networks you are using.
  • Traffic paths across all systems, including hybrid cloud configurations.
  • That long et cetera that remains to be defined.

And yet, there will still be that possibility that some systems will remain hidden. 

It will then be necessary to resort to the use of more comprehensive monitoring tools to help their discovery.

Is perfect monitoring possible?

I’m afraid perfect monitoring coverage is just an illusion.

Even if you have all the award-winning or top-notch monitoring tools at your disposal, it will never be enough to guarantee a coverage of perfect monitoring.

We tell you from experience:

Many monitoring tools create the false illusion of seeing absolutely everything within your infrastructure. 

It is so that you have a certain sense of security.

Sometimes it is noticeable when some data packets, which contain sensitive information, disappear from view for a while, appearing, as if by magic, within another system from your network.

Here’s solid proof of a blind spot in your monitoring.

And this test only sheds light on the current capacity of monitoring tools.

So it may sound tempting to get hold of all the monitoring tools on the market so you don’t miss anything, but, come on, this will only lead to a system hypertrophy that will provide you with a false sense of security.

Now what? Is there a technological miracle that escapes us? A definitive monitoring tool that works over good and evil and provides true security and visibility at the height of Sauron’s own igneous eye?

Go further: Machine learning

Clarity is the essence of a successful IT department

That’s right, security protocols and configurations must be very clear, such as for example, the knowledge of which servers host each application.

It is also more than advisable to find out the status of all the organization’s assets.

Clarity is the root with which to reach, by pulling, the hows and whys of the system’s blind spots.

To achieve this clarity/enlightening you must, of course, have the right tools. Tools with which to perform advanced analysis, with which to cross the different levels and layers of your network.

Your monitoring tool should, at the most fundamental level, bring together the complex layers of monitoring data from the multiple platforms you monitor, as well as employ intuitive levels of machine learning to help uncover hidden computing assets.

If you use monitoring tools based on machine learning you reduce the time you spend on executing the root cause analyses, while obtaining a full picture of the IT assets.

Machine learning will also help you eliminate monitoring silos, which, as many of you know, tend to become an burdensome manual task that takes too much time from our precious IT administrators.

Pure and high visibility on a single screen

I’ve scared you very much. But actually, identifying the isolated pieces of technology in your stack and centralizing them for effective monitoring and management is an achievable goal.

Monitoring configurations in a single screen give you an advantage.

Mainly thanks to their capacity to represent data from multiple infrastructure sources and to display them in a single view.

These configurations provide a unique vision of the internal operation of a network and help to identify the misled IT assets that must return to the fold.

With this type of solution, you obtain peace of mind and the capacity to operate effectively in the most complex and accelerated IT environments, while you automate the most concise tasks, for true full monitoring.


Obtaining full visibility of your environment by means of monitoring seems like an impossible task, buuut things can be different!

If you try it at least, you will see in a moment how you obtain higher security levels and higher response capacity in the face of incidents.

But you know, before running the 100 meters you have to learn to walk.

And to end the visibility gap you must do some soul-searching of your systems, identify each point to be monitored, and release the silos, so that comprehensive management and monitoring of your systems is possible.

From here, where else, we advise that if you are truly looking for a solution to get rid of blind spots from your monitoring, take a look at what Pandora FMS can offer you!


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