Pandora FMS is an international entity and needs activity. And seeking that activity we set our eye on that great technological power, the United States.

How does one approach the United States?

Well, in multiple ways… 

Among them: having a team from that capital nation, with five senior professionals who are doing their MBA final project. 

The University of Rice from Texas contacts you. You sign up for their program and then wait for them to choose you as their project. 

And bingo! 

To date we have had several meetings with this team of five professionals. We already explained who we are, in what we work, our product strategies, marketing, sales…

And they answered us: 

“We are going to help you get into the USA market with our project, a specific marketing plan for the US market that includes, above all, communication strategies.” 

Things have gone so well between us that after a month and a half working remotely, we have met here, in our offices in Madrid, to finish clearing out issues and see the presentation of their final proposal

In addition, one of them, Sean Siegfried, has granted us an interview for untiring fans of this blog who love to follow every little detail of our trajectory. 

Here we go!

Pandora FMS and the U.S.A.: the Interview

 Could you tell us briefly about you: from where you come, what you do?

I was born in Brazil and I grew up in Portugal. I completed my degree in London before beginning my career in the industry of oil services. During the last 12 years I have moved between South America, North America and now the Middle East.  At the moment I am the Managing director of a private company in Saudi Arabia that lends manifold services to the greatest world companies, Saudi Aramco.

What brought you to Pandora FMS?

Rice University connected us with Pandora FMS for our last masters project. 

It was a consulting project of four weeks in which we studied how we could help Pandora FMS to get their way around and to obtain more market quota in the USA.

Could you describe what your project consists of?

The project consisted of understanding the business of Pandora FMS and how it could expand its operation and market participation in the USA market. 

The main motivation was to research and create a possible action plan for Pandora FMS to use in the future.

In addition to providing sufficient tools that make management understand the multiple opportunities that are available with the research that was conducted during the eight-week period.

What were the biggest challenges during the project?

The biggest challenge for the team was to understand the capabilities and advantages that Pandora FMS could bring to the US market. 

Once the team understood the applications, they had no difficulty identifying specific segments or specific areas where Pandora FMS could really make a difference when trying to get into the IT monitoring market.

What surprised you the most about our business?

The amount of competition that Pandora FMS has all over the world, and that even despite this, it still has such a strong customer base with large corporations

What do you think are the essential features that would make it possible for Pandora FMS to succeed in the United States?

Especially the cost structure and ability to scale slowly if necessary.

What is the most relevant lesson you have learned from this experience?

Meeting a small but dynamic team with amazing features. 

There is no doubt that the company can slowly grow with the cost base it has now. 

How would you recommend Pandora FMS to technology experts?

With this motto: “The best technology, reliable and affordable, to better monitor your organization.”

Here comes a difficult question: Can technology touch the heart?

I’m not sure how to respond to this, but if technology solves a problem, then it will have a positive effect on the customer. 

In my honest opinion, I believe that technology can touch the heart on the side of the creator/investor.

Is there anything else you would like to comment or say about Pandora FMS or the business?

I think more money should be spent on marketing and branding. 

And make the effort to participate in global forums to better understand what the needs of the market are. 

And, of course, more importantly, expand the brand footprint across multiple segments.

Finally, what do you think of our country?

After spending my life in Portugal, I was lucky enough to visit Spain multiple times. 

I really enjoy the food and walking through the streets of Madrid! 

In general, it was a great experience to share with my classmates!