Are you a System Administrator? Do you need to hire one?

Well, this is quite common! It is one of the most popular job positions out there right now. If we had to think about one job position with a massive boom in the last years, then this would be the SysAdmin (which stands for System Administrator), this job would occupy a prominent place in a hypothetical list.

If we consider that companies nowadays depend more on Information Technologies – far beyond those of the IT sector – it is easy to understand why the figure of System Administrator is quite popular lately in companies and organizations of many different sectors and countries around the world.

In this article we will find out all about this profile, which companies usually demand when hiring a SysAdmin. Although – for those people who don’t know about this job position- we will briefly discover some of its tasks. Here we go!

What is the job of a System Administrator?

If we think about the IT sector, we can say that the System Administrator is one of the most versatile figures. The SysAdmin is usually the main responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the IT infrastructure of a company, which means performing multiple tasks.

For example, the System Administrator is the person in charge of checking the proper functioning of servers, system, networks, Internet or email, and this person also solves problems that may stop or hinder its use for the company and the employees.

But wait, there’s more… this person is also responsible for carrying out tasks such as ensuring the company’s computer security, updating the operating system and software, installing all kinds of things, from peripherals to new software, backup copies and this person might also answer queries from clients, among many other things.

What do companies look for when hiring a System Administrator?

Given the importance of the System Administrator for companies, companies usually look for some specific qualities in order to carry out the tasks effectively. Although these requirements will always depend on the needs of the specific job (which will include very specific technical knowledge), we can talk about several qualities and skills that are often needed in companies:

1. Extensive training and knowledge

You already know this. The job of the SysAdmin requires very broad technical knowledge, so having solid training and the proper experience is something highly valued by companies when hiring a person for this position.

2. Analytical and problem-solving skills

Problem solving is one of the essential tasks of the System Administrator. Due to the nature of this job, their work will require a great capacity for logical reasoning and the ability to handle and solve complex situations.

3. Great communication skills

This person will have to interact frequently with people who lack technical knowledge, so the SysAdmin must be able to understand them; therefore having good communication skills will be essential and will greatly facilitate their work.

4. This person must be able to work under pressure

It is a fact: in certain situations, the job of the System Administrator will not only be important, but will be urgent. Therefore, this person must have a great agility and decisiveness when doing the job, and this person must also have the ability to work under pressure, which will be good in order to overcome difficult situations.

5. Responsibility and diligence

As we have mentioned previously, the job of the SysAdmin can be quite relevant for the company. Delicate issues such as data security will be performed by them, which will mean that they should be able to do their job with diligence and a strong sense of responsibility, and of course they must have the necessary ethics when using the data to which they have access.

6. A methodical and orderly person

A System Administrator must pay attention to a large number of details, so a methodical personality and the ability to plan and document their work will be highly valued by the company.

7. Teamwork skills

One of the characteristics of job of the System Administrator is that, frequently, he/she must develop it together with other people. Therefore, their ability to work as a team and to understand the other members of the team will be a quality highly valued by companies.


These are some of the qualities that companies look for when hiring a System Administrator. Are you a System Administrator? Have you ever hired a SysAdmin for your company? If the answer is yes, how about sharing your experiences with the readers of this blog? You can do so by leaving a message in the comment section that is located at the end of this article.

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