It has been a veeeeery long time since we discussed a technical concept from an ingenious allegory. Many people send us emails asking us why, and we have to admit that… it’s true, everything is quite more fun with fantastic allegories. So be it then! At the request of our fans. Let’s talk today about ITSM and Monitoring Support through an invented event from which we can then draw a technical lesson.

ITSM and monitoring, that perfect match made in IT heaven

Once upon a time, in the unlikely IT realm of angels, there was the arrival of a new recruit named Gavril.

As soon as he crossed the golden threshold, Gavril was amazed by the grandeur of the environment. Little blue birds on golden clouds, swirling rainbows on radiant fruit trees, etc. In addition, he had heard great stories of how IT angels were responsible for maintaining the flow of information and data in the kingdom, and he was eager to be part of this noble work.

The very morning he arrived, before he could even leave his suitcases in his cloudy cabin, the chief angel approached him, Michael.

-“Gavril, I have an important task for you,” Miguel told him.

-“No formalities, man/woman* You can call me ‘Gavi’. But tell me, what is it, Miguel?” asked Gavril, with emotion in his voice.

*IT angels are hermaphrodites.

-“You see, Gavril, I know you just arrived, I have it all here noted down and all that, but I want you to explain to the other angels what ITSM and Monitoring Support is,” Miguel replied.

-“Hmm…’ITSM and Monitoring Support’?” asked Gavril strangely.

-“Yes, Information Technology Service Management and Monitoring support,” Miguel continued. “As you verywell know, it is a discipline to manage and provide computer services to customers in a structured and efficient way. Support monitoring is a critical component of ITSM, as it helps ensure that IT services are working properly and that any issues are detected and solved quickly. Right?”

Gavril swallowed the large bolus of saliva he had in his throat and nodded.

Miguel continued:

-“In ITSM, support monitoring is usually carried out through a combination of automated tools and manual processes. The goal is to identify issues before they become serious problems and solve them as soon as possible.”

-“Right, but doesn’t this sound a little complicated for a first day? I mean, I think. I just got here and… You know, I’m willing to learn, like a lot, but…” Gavril said sweating.

-“Well,” continued Miguel, cold and demanding like a grumpy father, “as I say, the key to ITSM is to improve the overall quality of IT services. By monitoring support and quickly addressing any issues, ITSM helps ensure IT services are always available and performing at the expected level. This, in turn, helps improve user experience and reduce the risk of business disruption. Don’t you think so, Gavril?”

Gavril was already wondering if there would be some kind of express form to get out of the kingdom, in fact, clouded by the possibility of escape, he got completely lost as Miguel explained some other benefits of ITSM, including how it helps improve IT support team efficiency, it promotes better communication and collaboration, and it is aligned with the needs and objectives of the business.

-“However!,” warned Miguel trying to get his partner to pay full attention again, “implementing ITSM can be a challenge. One of the main challenges is selecting the right tools and processes to monitor support. There are many different tools and processes available, and it can be difficult to determine which will be the most effective for a given organization.”

-”Yes… yes… I understand perfectly,” Gavril replied, “I will make sure to take these challenges into account when explaining ITSM and Monitoring Support to the other angels. Can I go now?…Please?”

And that’s how Gavril took in, by strict obligation, since he could not escape, the task of educating the other angels. Although first, of course, he contacted the people of Pandora FMS forum, since they always help him with this type of burden.

Also, who could know more about ITSM and Monitoring Support than the most cutting-edge company in monitoring software?

So finally “Gavi” came to the stage of the Sacred Court of the IT Kingdom and made the concepts simple and easy to understand, with particular emphasis on the importance of effective management of IT services.

It was quite surprising to Miguel, who had it in for him quite obviously.

Sure, the other angels were impressed by Gavril’s knowledge and appreciated his humor and wit in presenting the information*.

*Not like here on our blog, where you won’t even leave me a congratulatory comment 🙁

In the end, Gavril was even praised by Miguel, who climbed onto a stool to applaud and everything. And from that day on, Gavril was known as “The F Master in ITSM and Monitoring Support” in the realm of angels.

Moral of the story?

Is there any lesson?

I don’t know, maybe that ITSM and Monitoring Support may seem complicated, but with the right approach (given by some Pandora FMS member, like me, and a little humor) they can be easily understood and appreciated by everyone.

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