Hughes India and Pandora FMS joined together as partners

Pandora FMS keeps making friends. We like to make them all over the world. With them, we learn and share the best we have. They in turn play their part, creating a smooth professional harmony capable of achieving the impossible in the world of technology.

This time, Pandora FMS has had the pleasure of collaborating with and considering Hughes India as a unique partner. Together they seem to be on their way to an excellent and promising teamwork.

Who is Hughes India?

Hughes India is a subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems, the well-known world leading brand in providing satellite broadband networks and services. It offers advanced solutions and business offers for both public administrations and companies.

Hughes India is the largest operator of this type of service in their country, and for more than two decades they have been working, with increasing intensity, to reduce the existing digital divide between the community and large companies, achieving, among other notable goals, a great contribution to disaster prevention and recovery. We could not miss the chance to have them as allies.

But that was just the beginning, Hughes is present in all key vertical markets: banking, education, energy, defense, telecommunications or retail sectors, in addition to addressing the connectivity needs of multiple government departments.

How did we meet?

Being the best one comes with great responsibility. Superman knows it, Beyoncé knows it and so does Hughes India. And this is easy to say with the huge customer base and more than 100,000 active VSAT nodes the company has throughout the country. An honor and a huge commitment at the same time.

Hughes India used the same dashboard for many years, but times change and they saw the need to change along with them: give a new image to their network management portal to update user dashboards, have a common dashboard for nodes distributed across different gateway locations, providing detailed statistics for 100,000 nodes, and prioritize their new project to provide MPLS solutions to their customers, for example.

At Hughes India, they had multiple technologies and solutions to take seriously, and although at first they tried to cover the issue with different measures, such as an HP NNMi solution with the SIP portal or adding some open source solutions based on the client, finally they decided to go ahead with a common platform for all their clients. And, here, friends, is where Pandora FMS comes in.

Impressed by our software features, especially the ability to monitor devices on a distributed platform and its ability to support more than 100,000 nodes, Hughes India couldn’t be happier about choosing us. Only one challenge remained: tailoring the initial configuration to their needs. But thanks to Pandora FMS support and after-sales teams, they were able to change these settings with no issues to be able to monitor VSAT devices quickly.

Immediate Results

The results of this union between Pandora FMS and Hughes India did not take long in showing and being recognized by their clients. Hughes has been able to provide all of them with an updated and centralized dashboard for VSAT nodes distributed across satellite networks and MPLS infrastructures. In addition, it has also allowed them to design dashboards according to the displaying preferences of each client.

So has Pandora FMS met Hughes India’s expectations? Let’s see what Ashutosh Agarwal, their National Manager of IDC and MPLS Backbone Services tells us: “Thanks to Pandora FMS we can meet customer expectations regarding dashboards and centralized monitoring. This has contributed to creating an atmosphere of trust between the departments in charge of its operation. Pandora FMS has proven to be a great product, with many features backed up by an excellent technical support team”.

You see, we are still at the beginning of this adventure together, but don’t tell me you don’t have the feeling this is going to be great. “What do you say?” Do you want to become friends too?