Your team may be the best in the world, but if they don’t have someone to guide them, their work will never come to fruition. Do you have a clear idea of how to take the helm? Put on your best captain cap and keep reading.

There are many types of leader within a company, from the high-ups and going down the hierarchy. But all of them are important and have an essential role to get the job done and the business working.

There are also many different characteristics that define leaders, but don’t forget that they won’t always be positive. An authoritarian or dictatorial leader is still a leader. But he will hardly be a good one.

We understand that this is what you want, to be one of the good ones. If you want to know how to be a good leader, here you have 15 tips to achieve it.

– Know how to organize and plan

A good leader knows what they want and how to get it, and they organize the available resources accordingly. Planning and allocating resources is not always an easy task, but it is one of the fundamental tasks of a good leader, so if you don’t know how to do it, you will have to strive to learn.

– Be communicative

A good leader knows that communication is fundamental within the company. Having all the information is essential to make good decisions and no one better than your people to submit that information to you. In addition, communication must always be both-ways; listen to your team and clearly convey what they have to do. This is the only way you can understand each other.

– Know how to cooperate.

A good leader is always ready to help in whatever is necessary. It is not imperative for you to always keep your office door open, but you should show interest in the work of others, as well as having an open attitude and letting everyone know that if they need it, you will lend a hand.

– Trust yourself

If you don’t trust yourself, you will hardly become a leader, much less a good one. Directing a team entails responsibilities, and for that it is necessary to have a self-esteem in good condition (which doesn’t mean getting carried away and falling into narcissism).

– Be empathetic.

A good leader is not a piece of meat with eyes. They also have feelings (or should have), and they have to be able to put themselves in the shoes of others. Empathy helps to understand different points of view and is essential to establish good relationships, which will be of enormous help in the day to day.

– Be able to make decisions.

This is another key point. When a decision has to be made, everyone will look in your direction. At that time, you will have to give a good answer. A good leader doesn’t doubt, they perfectly know what must be done. Therefore, it is necessary that you have all the necessary information to make those decisions.

– Control your emotions.

If you lose your temper, we are very sorry to inform you that you won’t be a good leader. Keeping calm in tense moments is an indispensable quality and can make a whole difference. Moreover, not only will work be finished with more success, but your team will also thank you.

– Be fair

If you are not equitable, you can hardly be a good leader. Differences of opinion and even conflicts can arise at work, and for making decisions and solving them you must have a good sense of justice. Don’t make bad decisions, like siding with a team member only because you like them best if they aren’t right. Otherwise, disputes will not only continue but get worse, and the environment may become unbreathable.

– Be nice and respectful.

It’s another basic. As we anticipated at the beginning of this article, a good leader cannot be a dictatorial or rude person. If you are kind and have respect for your people, they will correspond you in the same way, and like this, the work environment will be pleasing and things will work better.

– Be responsible

If you are a leader, you are a leader for good and bad. A good leader must know how to assume his responsibilities, and that means assuming the consequences of both his decisions and the actions of his team.

– Be active and optimistic

You can hardly become a good leader if you are a negative person and devoid of energy. Attitude is something that is transmitted from one person to another, and a lively and cheerful mood will always be better than wandering around the work place with funeral-looking face. If for any reason you are low on energy, remember that sports, enough rest and a good diet can help you a lot.

– Motivate your people

The motivation of the staff is one of the fundamental tasks of every leader. To achieve this, and in addition to the qualities we have already talked about, such as optimism or empathy, it is good to adopt positive behaviors, such as praising the work of your team.

– Set an example and work more than anyone else

You can’t become a good leader if you spend the entire year vacationing in the Caribbean. To be respected and valued you must work your back off like no one. That will make them look at you differently.

– Be able to delegate

Working at full-throttle doesn’t mean that you have to move every single paper that circulates through the office. A good leader must know which tasks can be delegated and who must be given responsibilities so that everything can work without having to leave the office in a stretcher after a workday due to a heart attack.

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