Pandora FMS new year greetings to our followers


And this is not a normal “Happy New Year”, the same as always, the flamboyant and festive one that we all shout on 1st January at family meals or, hopefully, already “merry” at the party organized by our town’s neighbor association. This is a different one. Because it is almost a gold medal, a master’s degree, a hug from the Pope, because, mate, yes, you have already achieved it, you have gone through the threshold of a year as fateful as 2020 to meet the promising and herbal 2021.

And no matter what comes in 2021 just today, day 1, it is still a blank canvas in which, optimists, we do not have to worry about anything, well, yes, about our future projects, because as usual, we will have to keep fighting with renewed strength, after 2020 made us have a hard time. Let’s get it!

On our side we already have our duties written down, our future projects for which we will strive and from which we will surely come out victorious in 2021.


  1. Creating our very own Tiktok account and with our choreographies draw the attention of viral consumers.
  2. Meeting Rosalía at a top party, paying our respects and making her understand that it would be an honor to work on a project together.
  3. Presenting a new edition of Ninja Warrior..
  4. Winning the tennis championship that Rafa Nadal is the most greedy about, an Oscar with something that moves Steven Spielberg himself, and overtaking Elon Musk in the space race with our own intergalactic/transdimensional prototype that we have prepared in our garage.
  5. Connecting Pandora FMS AI to the Pentagon computers and let it explore and feed on the mega data on a world scale until it becomes self-conscious and conquer the world.

And yes, that’s it!

Maybe they seem like very ambitious plans, but that’s how we are at Pandora FMS, optimistic and high-sounding. And if these plans end up failing, surely others, on a smaller scale and always related to monitoring, will be achieved. But, of course, always with your help and approval, because friends, this 2021 is all ours, and we are going to reach, together, the very top.