Technological trends in life after COVID-19

This 2020 we are living a time of change. In fact, it would not be that crazy to guess that this pandemic will be a turning point, especially due to the obvious fact that such a pandemic has unfortunately turned out to be something with connotations on a global and historical scale.

If you go to the corresponding section, the catastrophe of COVID-19 has made technology evolve and adapt in a more or less fast and consensual way, which is another factor to take into account in the so-called “Life after COVID”. Therefore, today we want to take a look at some of the technological trends and experiences that we will be able to see from now on due to the pandemic.

New life online

Without a doubt, we will see the online experience go to the front line. Sure, it is true that it was already useful and widespread enough, but now the online mode will be almost mandatory. Without going any further, a large part of commerce and the range of services previously offered by a company will become predominantly online.

From now on, interfaces will be more familiar and flirtatious than human socializing itself. I know, it sounds sociopathic, toxic and ominous. But interfaces and the rest of contactless interactions, whether by voice, computer vision or touch screen, will be our day to day from now on. For some it is the healthiest and safest way for, for example, payments. For others the end of human interaction. Poor old people that queue at the supermarket! They will no longer be able to tell their stories to the cashier causing a monumental angry and cursing queue.

We may already have become used to some of these trends in the past confinement. This is the case of teleconsultations to our GP. Presumably, this type of virtual “visits” to the doctor will lead to a drastic change in the health sector worldwide. Many centers are already equipping themselves with technology and preparing their systems for online consultations. TV shows such as House will lose that human touch that waiting rooms offered us.

Companies after COVID-19

What so far may have seemed like provisional measures due to the pandemic will be re-estimated. What emergency set in and spread among all types of companies and institutions, now, with a certain perspective, seems to have come to stay, shaping new strategies, models and business paths that are more adapted and harmonize with “Life after COVID”. We understand, of course, “life after COVID” as life after the 2020 confinement by the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Companies are in need of strengthening their entire technological and digital infrastructure. No wonder this 2020, network traffic quotas have been exceeded in a way that was not expected for a couple of years. There is no longer a specific traffic “spike” gentlemen, it is a plateau, since we are using this means throughout the day. Brands, all of them have not had and will not have any other choice but to entrust their lives to the best adapted software, the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, automation and monitoring (of the latter we are the masters), all with the intent of increasing their efficiency and readiness in a new system, which although it was already foreseen, it has come all of sudden (for some, like a jug of cold water) .

By pulling this thread we will also see the increase in the use of robots in all kinds of tasks and jobs. Yes, dear sci-fi lovers, we are already very close to that future promised in the 60s by the B movies. They are friendly, aseptic and healthy, and above all, they do not infect us with anything weird (for now). So we will see them serve food mechanically, take account of your vital signs in medical centers or be the iron fist, without time for lunch, in factories and warehouses.

Other factors to take into account

Here we have already talked before about IoT technologies and large-scale data. We were always ahead of time. Well, now these will become elementary parameters to take the vital signs of our world. If there is a chance of foreseeing a new crisis of this scale, these will be the means used.

Offices are going to go out of style, just as much as going to one. We are sorry for that chatter in front of the coffee maker or the water machine, but from now on work will be fully distributed between face-to-face and remote mode. Finally the necessary triumph of teleconferences and chats! Even so, the places that companies enable their workers will, from now on, undoubtedly have supervision to keep measures in place such as corridors and larger offices, better air duct filtration, higher ventilation, antibacterial material around every corner, and perhaps elevators that don’t even need to touch their buttons.

But what about the warmth of meetings and events? Well, we could already see it on Instagram with so many concerts online. Events do not disappear, they are digitized. So we will see a considerable boom in this type of event that we can attend without having to comb our hair or wear pants. Thus, companies will exchange their in-person presentations for virtual screens with which you can interact. There will be no appetizers at the end of the presentation, but you can give it a live like.

This type of format, more or less, was already seen through homeschooling in some countries. To date, more than 180 countries have switched to online learning. That’s lots of millions of students saving time traveling and queuing to grab their sandwich, as well as being able to better assimilate and retain information, according to certain studies. Something good had to come out this whole mess, don’t you think?