Bees control as a way to save the world

From the Mayan bee to Beedrill, from the Charlotte Hornets to the main character of Bee Movie, we all have a sense of love and respect for interspersed yellow and black, for honey and sting, for itching and swelling. I speak, of course, of bees, our winged companions addicted to flowers. That’s right, bees, I don’t know why, but we don’t like wasps that much. The fact is that, for a while now, bees are in substantial danger and there is no way for anyone to listen to them. Therefore, by breaking a lance in favor of our yellowish friends, today we will talk about their serious problem and the bees control as a method to save them. Saving bees can mean saving the world as we know it!

Bees Control: What the hell is going on out there?

“If bees disappeared from the planet, man would only have four years to live.” Does this phrase ring a bell? It is attributed to Albert Einstein and, although he probably did not say it (we already know what the Internet is like) and it sounds very ominous, the real truth is that bees occupy an important place in nature, and it would be very, very shocking their disappearance, for them and for the entire human species.

To give a terrible example, in the United States, back in 1988, there were about 5 million hives… By 2015, 42.1% of the colonies had died, about half, about 2.5 million… Today the projections are worse.

Bees Control: Why Do They Die?

“What is going on with bees?” “Why are they dying?”. Well, a bit of everything, an ominous mix, for which you have to intone the mea culpa. Among all the reasons for the decrease in the bee population are the reduction of their habitat, the continuous forest fires, the exogenous animal species, the chemicals used to combat animals or plants and the growing lack of genetic diversity.

To give you an idea of the problem, so that it hurts a little more and fattens your conscience, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) tells us that “there are 100 species of crops that provide 90% of the world’s food, and the vast majority are pollinated with these insects”.

As you can see, the disappearance of the bees would be a shock to the environment, capable of upsetting the existing balance in Nature. Bees fulfill an essential task in the life cycle: Pollinate! Yes, they pollinate countless types of plants that later serve as substratum for countless animal species that, by the way, then serve as food for us. So without them we’re screwed.

Bees Control: Solutions

But the great minds, stung by the fear and affection they have for these anthophiles, have set to work. Without going any further, all kinds of sensors have been devised that allow beekeepers to monitor their hives from their computers and mobile devices. Thanks to the monitoring and bees control can receive on their smartphones, in real time, information about the health and welfare of your colony of bees. It also allows them to be alerted to any type of threat that could endanger their hive.

The objective of these bee monitoring and control sensors is to give, once and for all, the instant in which the bee colonies reach the point closest to collapse. This will make it possible to hypothesize the possible causes why you are having such a hard time lately and thus be able to fix it. From the relationship with pesticides to contracting parasites. In addition, these sensors alarm beekeepers as soon as there is an imminent danger so that they can act and save their bees in time.

The issue is to have the latest technology to make the bee-loving citizen a scientist and a savior; then we can tackle such a terrible problem on a global scale and halt the decline of bee colonies.

The monitoring technology will provide us with the most useful information to safeguard the life of the bees. Measuring temperature and humidity parameters inside and outside the hive. Programmed alarms in case of animal attacks or robberies. Different types of real-time alerts from strategically placed surrounding sensors. Everything will appear on our dashboard to decide how and when to act.

Imagine levels of information such as: “All is well”, “Something is wrong”, “Lost queen”, “Swarm loading…”. Identifications of the state in which the beehive is located, developed from the audios and the study from the centre of the beehive. When a pilot lights up in the control panel by a signal from the sensors you only have to act like a hero and save the situation.

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