The Congress & EXPO ASLAN2023, organized by ASLAN Association, took place last week at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid – IFEMA, and brought together more than 7,500 professionals from the digital sector and cybersecurity in Spain.

And, after all the stuff we shared on social media surely you know that Pandora FMS was there!

Learn all about Pandora FMS’ success in ASLAN2023

The event had a whopping +100 exhibitors, each with its very own proposal of innovative solutions. In addition, the organization especially strengthened the presence of strategic vertical sectors at the exhibition.

Not to brag about it, but among the most outstanding solutions presented at the event there was MADE, a monitoring system for large amounts of data that uses Artificial Intelligence and automatically adapts to each management environment.

The tool has been developed by ourselves, in friendly collaboration with researchers from the University Carlos III of Madrid.

As we are restless minds in need of details, we had the courage to talk to Kornelia Konstantinova, CMO at Pandora FMS, and Sancho Lerena, CEO of the company.

Good afternoon, Kornelia!

Tell us, what impact do you think Pandora FMS’ participation in ASLAN2023 had and what was the response of those attending the event like?

It’s still early to talk about results in the short or medium term, but there’s something I can tell you: we exceeded our expectations in terms of the interest generated.

There was a huge flow of visitors and we were able to show our product to a wide audience. Also, to very relevant people!

We got to know some clients face to face, as well as partners with whom we usually communicate digitally.

We also came into contact with other companies in the sector, which we hope will open opportunities for collaboration and synergies.

What was the most difficult challenge to address when preparing your participation in this massive congress?

Without a doubt, the most difficult challenge, not only for us, I think for any exhibitor, is to develop an effective marketing strategy to attract the attention of visitors.

There are many exhibitors who participate and we must differentiate ourselves from the rest, whatever it takes. To that end, you have to be very creative of course and innovative, as well as develop a clear and effective message.

Then, of course, there is logistics, which is always a hustle and bustle.

What do you think is the marketing vision of Pandora FMS in terms of its role, in the long term, in the digital innovation industry in Spain and internationally?

We are the only manufacturer of Spanish Monitoring Software.

In the long term our goal is to consolidate ourselves as leaders in the industry in Spain and internationally.

To achieve this goal, our approach is based on developing and delivering advanced, customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

At Pandora FMS, we closely follow the latest trends and technologies on the market to stay always at the forefront of our sector.

Our commitment to continuous innovation. And it allows us to adapt to the changing needs of our customers, providing solutions that not only meet their current requirements, but also allow them to anticipate the future needs of their companies.

Therefore, we establish solid relationships with our customers, to understand their needs and offer customized solutions that fit their specific requirements.

We believe that close collaboration with our customers is key to our long-term success.

And now something lighter, any remarkable anecdotes of the days lived in ASLAN2023?

Actually, several. From the overflowing capacity of the first day, where many visitors had to queue to get in, to the amazement of everyone by the numerological studies of our beloved David! The mysterious magician we brought to our stand to predict, through his arts, the future of visitors.

Great, let’s go with Sancho!

How is it going, Sancho? Let’s get to the nitty gritty. We would like to know how the idea of creating the famous MADE system came about and what the development process was like.

There is a lot of techno chatter regarding Artificial Intelligence.
So we wanted to offer something useful, understandable and that could be implemented right away, without having to assimilate what runs underneath.

The truth is, it is a rather complex challenge to try to make easy on the outside what is extremely complex on the inside.

And what features make MADE a unique tool on the market and what advantages does it offer to companies?

Especially the fact that we had international Artificial Intelligence researchers from the University Carlos III of Madrid to create something different from the usual solutions on the market.

Made is a practical approach to a complex problem but has a basic approach:

How to detect anomalies on data that we can not give more information about.

Well, Pandora FMS can handle dozens of thousands of numerical series, all different, because they all represent the “soul” of each connected device.
Made studies each pattern separately, analyzes its behavior over time and like a data psychologist, is able to warn when something is not right.

You can’t diagnose the problem, but you know something isn’t right!

What was the collaboration like with the University Carlos III of Madrid in the development of the MADE solution and what did the university contribute to the project?

I think it was a very smooth process.

We had already tried to participate in other research projects and we really wanted to collaborate.

The university brings the state of the art of the world’s leading AI techniques.

Tell us, what impact do you think Pandora FMS’ participation in ASLAN2023 had and what was the response of those attending your presentation like?

I think Aslan is a good national showcase to show national and multinational companies who we are and the scope of our project.

In addition, thanks to the presentation, we were able to show face to face, what we do and how we can help all types of companies with Pandora FMS.

Any remarkable anecdotes of the days lived in ASLAN2023?

I met some people, senior managers from important companies, and I was pleasantly surprised (like, I really freaked out) because they had a technical profile even more geek than mine.

There is hope when large companies still look to technicians for their foundation to build business.

Thanks a lot!

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