We live in a very modern age, a time of conspiracy myths and legends, where today’s computer trolls and malwares are mean and cruel, and users are attacked with all kinds of suffering. These days only one blog about technology dared to challenge its power and impart justice: Pandora RC!

Yes, fellow readers, this was a reference to that great TV show of our childhood: “Hercules: The Legendary journeys”. And only a mythological (and TV) hero could face the security problems that we can find in our devices in our daily lives. Especially when it comes to security in remote control tools.

Today, in the blog of Pandora RC, we will discuss the importance of secure remote access software.
As many of you will already know, there are many benefits when it comes to remote access software. What is remote access software? Don’t you know it yet? Remote control applications allow you to operate your PC without being in front of it, which is more useful than it seems. In addition to helping a colleague who cannot move forward with his computer, it can also help, for example, if you have forgotten some documents at home, or if you want to see a photo or simply turn off the PC you left on by mistake.

And, as you know, Pandora RC is a remote computer management system based on the cloud (SaaS). For those who don’t know how it works, here’s a brief explanation of what Saas (Software as a Service) is. Saas, colloquially known as “cloud software”, is software that does not need large installations, so by paying a monthly fee you have the license of the application and all its services. SaaS is used by well-known websites like Facebook or Google and now Pandora RC.

Do you have any idea about how much Pandora RC can do as a remote control tool? It’s great! Well, now that we have put ourselves in context, the bad thing is that since it is connected to the network, it can have risks that should not be ignored.

All kinds of enemies can come to mind when we talk about ” remote computer management”: Trojans, worms, botnet … really awful Malwares. These are capable of stealing information from us and capable of taking over the remote control of our devices. That’s why we have to be careful, we need to know how each system works, making sure that appropriate security measures are used so that our data is not compromised.

If we look into the library of bad cases to find examples of some damage done, we can go back to 2012, when the vulnerability was discovered in the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol, protocol developed by Microsoft that allows communication in the execution of an application between a terminal and a server), with the need to improve the security protocol and to launch an update to prevent the access of all the information we have on our devices. A different case is the one that occurred with TeamViewer in 2016, where some users’ information was compromised due to malware downloaded through a contaminated Adobe Flash Player update.

From Pandora RC we want to warn you that there are multitudes of different malwares and that yes, that we can all have slip-ups. That’s why there are several tips that everyone, at the user level, should take into account:

  • Do not use simple passwords. (Think of the most obscure and isolated password in your mind).
  • Download Pandora RC from our website and not from third parties. (The original is always the best, you know).
  • Have a good antivirus to protect your system and that is updated. (Avira, McAfee, AVG…).
  • Do not install several antivirus, as it does not increase security but can cause errors on the computer. “(“Only one can remain”).
  • Avoid pop-ups or windows that suddenly arise through a firewall.
  • And of course avoid fraudulent emails, since you have not won any trip to Ibiza. Be aware of everything and always avoid spam.

You see that the need to follow such considerable rules as these makes us ask ourselves how important secure remote access software is. But let’s go to Pandora RC, that remote management software that we use the most. Is Pandora RC safe? Yeah, it’s safe. It encrypts all communications with the SSL cryptographic protocol, allows to choose a system of double authentication (receiving a message to the phone) and a third security system can be established, that would include a password per device, that will only be stored in the remote system providing even more security. Even so, in the hypothetical case that Pandora RC were hacked along with the database, nobody would have access to the local passwords, since these are stored in your agents and not in our servers, so your information would not be compromised. Amazing right?

Do you want to know more about what Pandora RC can do for you? It’ s great! Take a look here: https://pandorafms.com/en/remote-control/

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