Manuel Angel Fernandez published a new interesting plugin for Pandora FMS in his blog (spanish).

It’s an agent plugin to search the system attached drives and retrieve the S.M.A.R.T status. This parameter is a simple value that show if the drive is Failing or Not.

It uses smartctl command, so will be necessary have installed smartmontools. Manuel Angel advice us that is necessary a modern version of this package to support –scan parameter.

The process to use is so simple:

  • Create the plugin file on the agent’s plugins folder.
  • Add a line to the agent’s configuration file:

    module_plugin plugin_file_name

  • Restart the agent

A module for each found drive will be created with 0 if drive is OK and 1 if drive reports Fail. You can edit plugin easily to adapt it to your needs.

You can find this plugin in addition to manu other in our module library


Thanks to Manuel Angel for the plugin. Here is his original POST.

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