What is a customer? Is it money with legs? Is it a friend? Is it someone you want to benefit from? Is it someone to help?

The way of thinking about clients is fundamental when it comes to understanding a business. Many things can depend on this way of thinking; from the focus of the company to the success of it.

Probably, during the last few years, one of the most successful areas is the one in which a positive relationship with the client is established. The companies that use it do not only think of the user as a source of income, but they are interested in giving him/her a good service and establishing lasting and trustworthy relationships.
And the concept of relational marketing emerged in order to improve relations between companies and customers.

What is relational marketing?

Relational marketing is the one that deals with establishing closer and positive relationships with customers, in order to ensure that both the company and the user benefit from the link, and by encouraging a successful and lasting relationship.
Thus, we can say that the objective is threefold:

  • It is about establishing closer relationships, which means that the contact with the client is increased.
  • It is about establishing positive relationships, which means that both the client and the company benefit from it.
  • It is about establishing lasting relationships. This means that the relationship will be established with a view to the short term, but also the medium and long term.

Relational marketing offers multiple benefits for the company. The first one is customer loyalty, with the advantages that this implies. But, in addition to this, it offers other advantages, such as obtaining a better knowledge of the needs of users and improving the image of the company.

Thus, a business that sincerely cares about getting to know its customers better and establishes stable and mutually beneficial relationships with them will strengthen its image and create a powerful advertising vehicle through its own users (known as “word of mouth”).

Some relational marketing actions

Relational marketing requires effort and perseverance, but its benefits are obvious. If you want to strengthen relationships with your customers, there are some actions that can help you.

– Talk to them

It is the most traditional way to create a relationship with customers, that’s why we should not forget about it.

In some businesses it may not make much sense to do so, but in others it can make a difference. You can establish contact in many different ways, depending on factors such as customer availability (we should not disturb or overwhelm) or the human resources available to your company. Try to be selective and establish conversations that work for both parties, to improve the service offered to the specific customer and get value suggestions that allow us to improve the service in general.

– Social Network Presence

You probably already know this: these have been the great social phenomenon of the last few years. Millions of people around the world use them every day. Many companies are aware of this and take advantage of their presence on social networks to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

Social media marketing requires knowledge of the environment and, therefore, professionalism. And remember that it is a matter of establishing relationships that bring both sides together; it is not just a matter of talking about the goodness of our products, but of bringing value to users, or they will no longer pay attention to us.

– Apps

These are used by many companies. An app is a small window open to your company on your customers’ mobile phones.

Just remember, it’s not about being there. The app must provide real value to the user, a benefit that makes it worthwhile to take up space on the screen and in the memory of your mobile devices. Otherwise, it will be a nuisance, and that is not the point.

– Loyalty programs

These are a traditional method, but they are still valid. Points cards, discounts for joining…. There are many ways to implement them (quite different, as technological means offer us new possibilities) and they can provide good results and benefit both customers and companies, as long as you create them intelligently and in accordance with the user’s needs.

– A great customer service

Although we often believe that a contact with customer service is bad news, many companies know that it can also be an opportunity.
A good customer service can turn angry customers into allies, improve the image that users have of a brand and, even it might reinforce the link between customers and the company. These are aspects that have a great influence when it comes to linking or unlinking a customer with a brand, such as the treatment of the user and the ability of a company to resolve incidents.

However, providing good customer service is not easy. It requires work, effort, professionalism, good organisation and the necessary resources. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and today we have the option of having some technological tools that can help us with such an important task.

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