What is helpdesk? This is a question that we might have asked ourselves at some point in our lives (well, more or less).

If you work in support or customer service, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when it comes to helpdesk. For all our other readers, in this article we will clarify some ideas on the question: what is helpdesk? Finally, we will show you great helpdesk software called Pandora ITSM.

What is helpdesk?

Helpdesk refers to the set of human and technological resources devoted to the management of incidents involving support or assistance to users.

Although the term “helpdesk” originally was more specifically used to refer to the IT user support, it has now been extended to the management of customer service in all types of businesses and services. In fact, we could say that today “helpdesk” is a term used to refer to many aspects of customer service. For example, we use helpdesk services, helpdesk software, helpdesk agents, helpdesk technicians, etc.

Thus, based on the most basic definition we can say that helpdesk is made up of two types of resources.

– Helpdesk human resources

In other words, the people who, with their hard work and dedication, carry out the hard task of customer service.

We’ve already talked a lot about the tasks and qualities of hardworking support and customer service workers throughout this blog, so if you’d like more information, there’s plenty for you to choose from.

But if you want to be a little more specific without browsing other articles, we can say that the main purpose of the human resources of a helpdesk is to respond to the incidents formulated by users, in other words, they must be able to solve the problems, queries, doubts, etc.., either directly or by approaching the people within the company who are trained to do so.

As we have already mentioned, although the term helpdesk originally was used to describe technical assistance in IT issues, it has now been extended to many other areas of customer service. Therefore, the technical training of human resources will depend on the issues that they need to advise and manage, and it will usually include good management of the technological resources available within Helpdesk.

– Helpdesk technology resources

This is the group of technologies that are designed to make the customer service tasks possible.

As you can imagine, in a world like ours, in constant technological progress, the technologies that are part of helpdesk are growing in number and diversity over time. From call centers to a simple e-mail address to incident management through helpdesk software, Customer Service Centers have a wide variety of technologies created to make your work easier.

How many types of helpdesk exist?

Considering how broad the concept of helpdesk has developed over time, and how a company manages the customer service of its users (whether external or internal, since helpdesk can also assist internal users of the organization itself), it could be said that there are many types of helpdesk so an entity has many ways to organize the customer service.

Thus, for example, there are companies that outsource their customer service to specialized third parties, while other companies manage and organize it internally, creating their own services or departments.

Or we can distinguish between different ways of dealing with user incidents, depending on the channels we use. Some companies, for example, only offer e-mail support, while others offer multiple channels of support (telephone, social networks, etc.) achieving multichannel.

Thus, depending on the type of management of customer service, helpdesk will involve different resources and a different organization.

What is Pandora ITSM?

So now that you’ve seen what Helpdesk is in a very basic form, how about taking a few minutes to get to know a helpdesk tool like Pandora ITSM?

Pandora ITSM is software that has, among other features, an issue management system (helpdesk software) that is very useful to help in the management of customer service for companies or organizations.

The Pandora ITSM issue management system is based on tickets (ticketing), which is one of the most common and popular ways of organizing information in this type of software. Through this system, each time one of the agents receives a message from a user reporting a problem, query, etc., a “ticket” can be opened to track the incident.

This type of tool facilitates a better management of incidents and is very useful for the staff in charge of customer service. Are you a little bit curious? Don’t you want to know more about what Pandora ITSM can do for you?

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What is helpdesk?

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