Have you ever heard these words proactive attitude written somewhere other than on a CV?


That is okay, neither have we! But it is a term that usually attracts attention to all those who read it and not many people actually know what it means.

What does proactivity mean?

Proactivity is acting in advance of a future situation, rather than just reacting. It means taking control and making things happen rather than just adjusting to a situation or waiting for something to happen.

Ok, now you know what that word means and why a lot of people slip this word into their Curriculum. Precisely, the reason why so many people do it, is that it is a quality highly valued by companies. If you have a worker that has a proactive attitude, you will expect him to be able to face the problems and prevent them from happening, or at least to know how to solve them more effectively.

Proactive people qualities

But a proactive attitude goes beyond this. Proactive people tend to have qualities that make them especially productive and valued in their work. Do you want to be more proactive? Let’s have a look at some of them.

They are active people

It is the basic quality of a proactive person. If you are not an active person, you won’t be able to reach proactivity. Proactive people seek action, love to solve problems, and do whatever it takes to prevent them from happening. This people enjoy doing things and do not stay anchored in the routine, but they look for new challenges, which provide an outlet for their energy.

They know themselves

Proactivity implies self-knowledge. Being proactive does not imply being “blindly” active, but looking at oneself and knowing the limitations and capacities that are available. What are the qualities that make you different? How could you improve? What are your weaknesses at a personal or professional level? These are the questions that proactive people ask themselves so that they get to know themselves better, and where they stand and to have greater confidence in their possibilities.

They have self-confidence

In order to move around the world with the dynamic attitude that proactive people show, it will be essential to have self-confidence. Proactive people reflect, plan and, are convinced that they are doing things right, they act. In addition, this way of acting reinforces your own self-esteem.

They are creative and look for different solutions

A proactive person does not give up easily. If the usual solution does not offer results, they look for new alternatives. Have you seen the classic television series MacGyver? Do you remember that he was able to build a 6-axle truck with a box of matches and 4 hangers? He was a proactive champion.

They express themselves in a positive way, they have a proactive attitude.

You already know that proactive people are always looking for solutions to problems, and to achieve this, positive language can open doors that are closed. If you express yourself with optimism, you will find that people are more likely to seek solutions with you.

They think beyond the short term

It is another very specific quality of proactive people. Most people tend to focus on their immediate tasks, without paying much attention to the evolution of things in the medium and long term. A proactive person tries to anticipate future needs and problems: this people know how powerful planning can be. Therefore, proactivity is very important for leadership positions.

They have self-control

Proactive people know that, in order to find the solution to a problem, they should not get carried away by emotions. In certain situations, stress can play tricks on us. Proactive people know how to have the situation under control, and also know how to calm those around them, by reassuring them and showing respect for their opinions and their way of thinking.

They are focused

Do you think that the best way to solve a problem at work is talking about how beautiful Beyoncé is or how bad the weather is right now? Proactive people want to be effective, and that means eliminating unnecessary issues. They will have time to talk about these things later after work…

They are constant

These people are guided by their self-confidence and by planning, proactive people know that they are on the right track and are aware that it is often necessary to wait a little bit before witnessing results. Therefore, they don’t give up easily.

They are disciplined

The qualities of proactivity lead to discipline. If a person is focused, then, he knows what to do, is constant, has self-control, is active … the disciplined personality arises by itself.

They are persuasive

Few people are able to resist the attractiveness of a proactive person. Your self-confidence, your self-control and your ability to show respect for the ideas of others, these things will help your ideas be heard.

They are sociable

It is another quality that comes from the others. An active person, with self-esteem, positive and creative, will usually find satisfaction in social relationships, which in turn will be positive for the work.

They learn from criticism

Do you mark a red cross on top of the photograph of the people who criticize you? And then do you send it to this person? In a box, like the movies? Do you want to end up in jail? Chill out! For a proactive person, criticism is an opportunity to learn and to improve, they do not take it personally and they learn from it.

They are flexible

Remember: proactive people are creative, want to find solutions to problems and anticipate them, and that implies a great capacity for adaptation and flexibility. If you don’t change your mind and adapt, you will hardly reach new solutions.

To sum up

And you? Do you have all these qualities, or at least some of them? It is true, they all seem like qualities for a superhuman, but even if you do not reach the golden levels of maximum proactivity, they might help you improve.

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