Pandora FMS is proclaimed the winner of Peer Awards in its modality

How good it is to welcome you to our blog with such great news. Come in, come in and read, don’t all corner yourself at the back, there is also room in front here. I guess by now you already know IT Central Station, a more than respected platform in its field and where you can find ratings, reviews, features, prices and performance evaluations on cybersecurity, DevOps, IT and other technological products. Experts from all kinds of companies come to this platform to compare which is the best product on the market to get hold of it. Well, we are in luck, the platform has announced this year’s winners of the recognized Peer Awards 2021, which already cover 60 categories no less, and Pandora FMS, yes, is among them!

The Peer Awards, instituted by IT Central Station, classify the best technology products in the world based on trustworthy user reviews always reviewed by the biggest connoisseurs in the world.

To grant the award, IT Central Station is based on an annual average given by its ranking algorithm. The total classification of a product is based on a score and the score is calculated through each of the portal reviews, views or comparisons of the product.
Reviews older than 24 months, as well as those written by resellers, are completely excluded from the ranking algorithm and all products with more than 50 points are designated as leaders in their category.

Finally, Pandora FMS has managed to win the award and it has been, as we can see, thanks to all the followers, users, clients and colleagues of Pandora FMS who have given us a positive evaluation or a favorable review in IT Central Station. Thanks to them, we can boast about this badge and trophy we have been awarded with, in addition to the pleasure of being always and at the top of their lists, finally for all those who need us to be able to find us.


Some reviews that we keep in our hearts

To honor our fans and even to encourage you to join this select club and leave us a review or assessment, we show you some of their examples, which have taken us to the top this year. Thanks again to all of them.

Alexandre Pérez Jorge:

“Single-Point Continuous Supervision Makes It Efficient For Detecting And Solving Problems

My primary use case is the daily monitoring of all the network traffic for my bank client. With it, I supervise and monitor more than one hundred nodes and servers of all kinds, such as print servers, file servers, etc. From Pandora, I can have everything controlled and under continuous supervision. I supervise maintenance and optimization of the network infrastructure from Pandora. When we want to monitor a new server or a new machine installed in the pandora network, it detects it automatically and we already have it monitored. It is very easy and practical to work with this tool and is very…” Para leer más sigue este link >>


“Saves Costs Related To Monitoring My Camera And Alarm Network

I used this solution to monitor and control a network of jewelry stores. I use AI for the prevention and prediction of future problems in my company, especially in certain points that I could not control before, such as cameras and alarms.

What other advice do I have?
This is the best solution if you don’t want to get in trouble. Their project department has helped me at all times by adapting the software to the needs of my business. Even in the last implementation of the program, they have included a functionality that I asked for myself. Until very recently they didn’t have good multi-tenancy monitoring, but they’re moving fast and they’ve fixed it. Try the free version first, and later you will want the paid version.” Para leer más sigue este link >>

M. Ángel:

“Good Network Visibility, Easy To Use, And Has Good Documentation

What is our primary use case?
We use it for “remote desktop” via eHorus (integrated into console Pandora FMS), to check connectivity, for database status, and disk drive free space capacity. This solution is very useful for keeping track of «Let’s Encrypt» certificates (expiration) for our web blog and its uptime.” Para leer más sigue este link >>

What do they say about our prices?

IT Central Station also has room for opinions that are straight to the point, those that speak openly about our prices, a topic that usually interests, for whatever reason, people a lot. Here you have some of these opinions.

“My rule of thumb would be that if you need more than thirty agents, and you lack an automation tool such as Chef or Puppet, you will save a lot of time and money going to the Enterprise edition.”

“Growing the solution or migrating to the Enterprise version is easy, and various plans are available.”

“In terms of money, the Enterprise version is the cheapest that I have found after a market study.”

“Pandora FMS is easy to implement and the pricing of licenses is competitive.”

Thank you all

We want to reiterate our thanks to all our followers and users for this award. Also to the workers and collaborators of Pandora FMS, and to you, reader of this blog and fan of our tireless social networks. Without all of you, we would not have been able to win this Peer Award for our monitoring service that we are going to boast about ad infinitum.

If you also want to leave a review or assessment about Pandora FMS in IT Central Station, here you have the link to do so, and we will send you a hug in advance. We have won this award together!

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