Yesterday, I upated the trunk SVN repository and tried to install in my Ubuntu Jaunty the Pandora FMS Server using the pandora_server_installer script. I used the apt-get command and, unfortunally, wmi-client is not in the repositories anymore. We can solve is getting the tar.gz file from

The next step is to add Net::Traceroute::PurePerl using CPAN Net::Traceroute::PurePerl command. But, usually, there is an error: as a dependency, it tries to install Net::Traceroute, and this exits with an error:

Running install for module ‘Net::Traceroute’
Running make for H/HA/HAG/Net-Traceroute-1.10.tar.gz
Has already been unwrapped into directory /home/raul/.cpan/build/Net-Traceroute-1.10-g0moVV
Has already been made
Running make test
PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl “-Iblib/lib” “-Iblib/arch”
ok 1
ok 2
No output from traceroute.  Exec failure? at blib/lib/Net/ line 300.

The problem is that is failing in the third test. This test try to do a traceroute to the localhost, but, the traceroute command isn’t installed by default in ubuntu. So, you have to run apt-get install traceroute and the module will be installed. I think that dependency should be added to the installer.