Have you seen the horrible look of the desktop of your computer?

The shortcut icons to the work software are mixed with the photos of your last holiday in Ibiza and videos of funny cats. And then you find yourself complaining about those files that you cannot find and then you spend all day wasting your time with the search engine of your operating system. Now, you know why this happens.

Why is it important to have an organized computer desktop?

Having a messy computer desktop is quite similar to having a messy physical desk, and it is quite annoying. We know that at first this might not seem like a big problem (and indeed, there are bigger ones), but it can cause you more inconveniences than you might think. Do you want to find out some of them?

  • If your computer screen is full of desktop icons, it will take more time for your computer to start.
  • It will take you more time to execute some of your tasks, while you look for the files on your desktop or in the depths of your computer and some of them might not even be there anymore.
  • That feeling of disorder will increase your stress.
  • If you have to use your computer in front of a client, perhaps to carry out a demo, you will give a negative impression.

These are some great reasons for you to spend a few minutes to organize your desk better, don’t you think? In this article we will see some ideas to achieve that. Let’s find out some more ideas!

1. Be careful with the wallpaper and get ready to organize desktop

Yes, we already know that you love these multi-coloured rotating mandalas, but perhaps this amalgam of shapes and colours might not be the best option for your wallpaper.

The best wallpapers are the simplest. Not only will these facilitate finding your files, but also you will be much more relaxed when working. Bear this in mind… it’s quite important

2. Reduce the amount of desktop icons

Yep, it is not necessary to have a direct access to ALL the programs that you have on your computer. The usual thing is that in your everyday life you will only use a part of the software that you have, so choose the icons that give access to the programs that you will use and eliminate the others. Remember that to access the software that you’ve installed, there’s also a start menu, so you don’t need to have everything at the same time on your desktop.

What can you actually have in your desk? Well, those files that you will defnitely use at the moment. But of course, remember to store these if you are not going to use them immediately.

3. Identify the files properly

If you name your files with the default name established by the software (for example “My document 1”, “My document 2” or “Invoice 5873”, “Invoice 5123”) you will have a hard time identifying these and finding them when you need them. You need to get used to putting a representative name every time you save them for the first time. You will see how your life improves and that rage that you get every time you look for a file, will be gone.

4. Create folders to sort your files

It is another way to keep a great amount of files close to you, but these have to be ordered properly and shouldn’t be visible on your desktop. Create folders, choose the name you want to give them and place there those files. You can create, for example, one folder for files related to your work, another one for photographs, etc. And within these you can also create subfolders, if you want to increase the order.

Another good habit that you can have is to create a folder in which to store everything you download from the Internet and without a particular folder. Configure your browser so that the content you download will be downloaded in that folder and you will see how you find everything faster and the number of icons on your desktop will be reduced reduced.

5. Use programs to manage desktop icons

Whatever the operating system, there are multiple tools created to organize desktop and the icons. From those that allow you to return the icons easily to their original position, to those that appear or disappear from the desktop with a simple “click”, and also those that create floating windows. Investigate on Internet, there are great options out there

6. Create more than one desk in order to organize desktop

There are programs that allow you to manage desktop icons; and there are programs that can generate several different desktops on your computer. You can create for example one for work and another one for leisure, and choose between these depending on the needs of each moment. Remember that your clients don’t need to see those funny videos…

So far, these are 6 ideas to organize desktop in your computer so that it doesn’t look like a battlefield, but I’m sure you know some more. Do you want to share them with our blog readers? That would be great! You can do that by using the comment section that you can find at the end of this article.

And don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section down below; we are looking forward to hearing from you! We want to hear your thoughts!

Thank you very much!

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