One of the nice features of any monitoring system is the way they draw systems who controls. With Pandora we’re worked hard on make custom screens powerful. Ramón is working on make the automatic map more browsable (clicking on the wires you can jump to see more network, something like navigating into maps).

But, one the lacks of the most monitoring systems are about get information automatically about the topology. For me the ideal about this will be: I want to check and, detecting any host between us, adding them to monitoring, and link all nodes between themselves using its network hierarchy, and most important: be able to update it every (let’s say) 2 hours.

This should be able to do my dream: make a graph of the internet, or at least, your entire network, discovering any alive host and put in place automatically. Of course, monitor it and be able to draw in a map.

Why not?, this will be a open feature of Pandora FMS 3.0!! 🙂

Here’s a screenshots.