Pandora FMS, an international benchmark in system monitoring, becomes technology partner of the French company M81.

The French platform has extensive experience in the sector since its creation in 1988 and is currently considered one of the great experts when it comes to monitoring IBM i systems. 

Thanks to this agreement, Pandora FMS will transfer this type of solutions to Spanish companies to improve IT management and the efficiency of the different work areas.

Pandora FMS and the French company M81 become partners

The alliance between Pandora FMS and M81 represents a notable developing point in the Spanish technology sector, since in recent decades no national company had been able to count on monitoring solutions for IBM i systems. 

Formerly known as AS400, it is widespread among big companies with IT infrastructures that deal with large amounts of data.

The M81 monitoring software for IBM i, considered a legacy or outdated system, allows to improve the efficiency of the resources of companies that are based on large IT infrastructures. 

In addition to increasing the ability to manage and organize internal data, it saves time for employees, who can devote their efforts to other  company areas.

M81 was founded in 1988

Since then, it has been developing solutions for IBM i to become one of the world’s leading experts in these systems. 

The French company works for large insurance companies such as the American Marsh & McLennan or AXA, for banks such as the German DZ Bank or the Portuguese Caixa Geral de Depósitos; for companies in the industry such as ArcelorMittal (considered the largest steelmaker in the world) and for logistics companies such as Heppner. 

In addition, it is also established in the pharmaceutical, luxury and oil sectors.

The M81 solution ranges from advanced monitoring to the recovery of failed databases. 

Despite being aimed at performing very complex tasks, its implementation is characterized by its simplicity and easy handling for teams, achieving the objective of reducing the workload of the workforce and reorienting those efforts in areas most in need.

M81 and Pandora FMS

After the agreement reached with Pandora FMS, this type of technology will be available for large Spanish and international companies that continue to use the IBM i system, also known as AS400 and considered a legacy system. 

“The agreement is not only good for our company, but it means ending decades of delay in the Spanish sector that works with IBM i Systems,” says Sancho Lerena, CEO of Pandora FMS.

The Spanish company, a specialist in system monitoring, has taken its solutions to international giants such as Rakuten, Toshiba or Repsol. 

Also Spanish reference companies such as El Pozo or Prosegur, in addition to working for public administrations such as the EMT or the Digital Madrid area. 

In total, more than 50,000 installations in 53 different countries, a figure that will continue increasing now following the agreement reached with M81.

“M81 is a reference company in the sector, so the alliance reached is a success. But, in addition, it means opening a window for opportunities for companies that have IBM i because they will be able to reduce costs and improve their management following the steps of the great international brands “, explains Lerena.