IT support and MSP; Some of the benefits of monitoring

Do you have an IT support company? Do you work at one of them? Or maybe you work at a MSP?

Over the last few years, and since so many companies have been incorporating Information Technologies as an essential part of their business, those that provide technical support -at different scales- have grown together, thus carrying out increasingly necessary work.

Since businesses need their IT to work, but IT requires specific knowledge and a high technical level.

Some computer support tasks

Today, the tasks that IT support companies are engaged in are becoming more and more extensive, covering multiple aspects of business IT. For example:

  • They manage and oversee the company’s hardware, ensuring its proper functioning and carrying out any necessary replacements or repairs.
  • They are in charge of the installation and updating of the company’s software, as well as ensuring its proper operation and maintenance.
  • They manage and adjust the service at IT level, checking its full operation, its load level and carrying out the necessary tasks for its maintenance.
  • They remove malicious software that may have entered the company’s computers and systems.

And many other things. These are just a few examples. The activities that an IT support company or an MSP can carry out for its customers are as broad as their capabilities, the customer’s needs and the conditions of the signed contract allow. In addition, it is worth considering that some of the companies that provide IT services for businesses will also provide their own technical support channels.

And what does all this have to do with monitoring? If you are a computer technical support professional you may know that monitoring is closely related to your work, but we can see it very briefly.

Computer technical support, MSP and monitoring

In order to carry out part of their tasks, support companies and MSPs need to carry out monitoring tasks. The fundamental role of monitoring is to control the proper functioning of the company’s IT systems. And in order to achieve this, good monitoring software is essential.

Imagine that you work in a IT support company and you use a program like Pandora FMS in its Enterprise version for your work.

With Pandora FMS you will be able to carry out both local monitoring (based on “software agents”) and remote monitoring.

You will be able to monitor virtual environments, Web User experience, services, SNMP traps, logs, and even business transactions.

Network usage, availability, performance, packet loss, memory, available disk… are just a few of the things you can monitor, among hundreds of them.

Pandora FMS can monitor more than 200 applications, among which are Oracle, Exchange, IIS, MongoDB, SQL Server, Active Directory, Apache and many others, having, in addition, a great number of plugins.

Pandora FMS has multiple options to configure elements as important for a monitoring system as alerts or thresholds.

One of the main strengths of Pandora FMS is its flexibility. FMS’ stands for’Flexible Monitoring System’. Flexibility is so important for Pandora FMS that it is even part of its name.

Do you want to know more about Pandora FMS in its Enterprise version? You can take a look here:

As you can see if you click on the previous link, Pandora FMS also considers MSPs. If you work in an MSP, you should know that Pandora FMS has specific qualities that can be very useful for your needs.

For example, its scalability. Pandora FMS Enterprise is designed to work in environments that require high scalability and need to operate in an environment with many clients on a single platform.

Pandora FMS allows you to create customized monitoring views and customized reports.

But these are not the only advantages that Pandora FMS can offer to a MSP, there are so many more! Discover them here:

In addition, Pandora FMS can be used along with two other tools designed by Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas, the developer of Pandora FMS, and which can be of great help for the work of an IT support company or a MSP.

On the one hand, it’ s Integria IMS. Integria IMS is a ticket-based issue management software that can be very helpful in managing all types of customer incidents. Take a look:

On the other hand, eHorus. Ehorus is a remote computer management system (remote desktop software) that can be very helpful for remote troubleshooting. Click here if you want to learn more:

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