How much time do you spend working? Are you aware of this?

Do the math! Statistics show that, when awake, we spend around 50% of our lives at work. Did this surprise you? Well, don’t worry, here we are going to show you 9 habits for a healthier workday, just keep reading…

Doing the same repetitive tasks every single day and carrying out all kinds of efforts, sometimes causes health problems and discomforts which could be avoided by modifying some our habits.

Keep your back straight and your head up and take a look at these habits for a healthier workday. These tips work! Let us show you…

-Take breaks.

Frequent short breaks at work will give you, not only more energy, but also better concentration, which will help you reduce the chances of having a work accident.

But wait, there is more. Having a short break for coffee or going for a walk with your partner will reduce your stress and will also improve your social relationships, which will also help you relax and increase your happiness which, in turn, will be translated into an improvement of your general health.

-Exercise regularly.

If you exercise regularly, you will be healthier, everyone knows that. It might not be easy for you to take some time to exercise during your workday, but there are alternative solutions that could make things easier for you. A small gym will be a great solution for you to have some time to release stress.

You can also try walking to the office. If the distance is not too long, it will be a very positive habit for your health.

-Eat healthy.

A beacon cheeseburger with barbecue sauce tastes great, we all know that, but if you have one every day it is very likely that you will damage your health. When talking about food; you need to have a balanced diet and do not forget to eat fruits and vegetables, and drink water regularly.

In order to keep up these habits for a healthier workday, you might need at least one microwave to heat the food that you bring from home (if you usually eat at work) and if you are the boss of the company, do not forget to provide your employees with a microwave, come on, nowadays microwaves are not that expensive…

-Avoid bad habits.

Do you smoke or drink alcohol at work? Smoking or drinking alcohol are unhealthy habits but if you do any of these at work then it is even worse. Alcohol, for example, can disturb your faculties and cause serious accidents. Forget that bottle of wine and that pack of cigarettes. At the end of the day, your colleagues and your health will thank you for it.

-Good personal hygiene.

In addition to the basic practices that everyone knows (showering, brushing your teeth, etc.) pay attention to your hand hygiene. Many people do not know this, but a large part of infections are caught from this. Therefore, washing your hands frequently is a very healthy habit, especially at work.

– Get plenty of rest.

I know, that the idea of having a great sleep might seem like it has nothing to do with habits for a healthier workday, since most of us work during the daytime, but in certain circumstances, getting enough sleep may have a lot to do with work.

It happens, for example, when you have a job that allows you to have flexible working hours. Do you actually have to click in and out every day at the same time? A lot of companies offer options such as flexible working hours (you get to choose the best time for you to work) or working part of the day or the whole day from home (called teleworking). These options will turn hard days into days that are much more bearable and will also help avoid many health problems, such as stress.

In addition to this, these options encourage a work-life balance, which also improves your emotional health. If you’re reading this and if you run a company, you should probably take this into account…

-Use good furniture.

Some chairs designed by famous designers can look great, but they might damage your back. If you are the person in charge of buying the furniture of the company, you need to know this; put comfort first. You need to have ergonomic furniture made specifically for good posture at work. Take a look at some different options and think about the health of your team.

-Improve your posture at work.

Having the right furniture, it’s only one part of those habits for a healthier workday; but you will also need to have a good posture when working. Those correct postures will depend on the work to be carried out (Typing in front of a computer is not the same as working as a butcher), but you need to take care of your health when working, it does not matter what your job is. Find out some tips online to improve your posture when working and your body will thank you for it.

-You need a quiet and safe environment to work.

Loud noises, bad lighting or inappropriate temperature will damage your performance in your work environment. Your workplace should be comfortable and pleasant. And of course, your workplace has to be safe, do not forget that (specially if you are the boss of your company).

In conclusion

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