The future of Internet. What do you actually know about it?

It’s only been 20 years since the Internet came into our lives to change everything. And only 10 years since smartphones took over our lives. But, what do you know about the future of Internet?

Technology is developing at a rapid and fast pace. And that means that it is very difficult to predict how it will change the way we live in the near future within a relatively brief time frame of 5, 10 or 20 years. However, we can assume, in response to the changes that have taken place in recent years, that the transformation will continue at an alarming pace.

Despite the difficulties, in this article we are going to put on the Wizard Tunic and take the crystal ball out of the closet, in an effort to know the future of Internet in about 10 years. Are you ready to go?

– Virtual assistants will take over the Internet

Today these barely show up on our mobile phones, but the nearest future is yours.

Siri, Cortana or Alexa are just the first steps of what we will see pretty soon. With the development of the artificial intelligence of these devices (which will probably also happen exponentially), these will become more powerful and will become an essential support in our daily lives.

These will be our closest companions; they will talk to us, they will solve all our doubts -even complex queries that affect our professional life or our health-, they will carry out a great deal of our work, and they will be our advisors in any of our life decisions, and they will even become one of our main emotional supports.

Have you seen the film Her, which envisions a future similar to this one? Experts like Ray Kurzweil put this in 2029. In any case, it will not be necessary for virtual assistants to develop self-awareness for them to be enormously influential in our lives, so all these changes could arrive even earlier.

– The Internet of Things will be everywhere

Machines will come alive. But do not panic: at the moment they will only do so to communicate with each other and to fulfill all kinds of human assistance functions.
From autonomous vehicles to a wide variety of wearable devices that will control aspects such as our good health, our clothing or even our diet, millions of interconnected devices will operate “quietly” but will affect us in a strong way in our daily lives.

Their influence will be far greater than we might think. It is not only a matter of finding out if our refrigerator is short of milk bottles, but also whether all the interconnected devices will change the environment in which we move as we go along. An increasingly customized world.

– Internet will be invisible

And that does not mean that it will no longer exist, but that it will be so integrated into our lives that we will hardly be able to recognize it.

As a result of the Internet of Things and the takeover of virtual assistants, the Internet will become less and less visible.

For example, if you currently want to find out about the best Japanese restaurants in your city, the usual process is to open your mobile phone’s browser, do a Google search or any other search engine and visit the website that we find most attractive among the search results it shows us.

In a few years, this scenario will disappear completely. We will ask our virtual assistant -who will probably no longer “live” on our Smartphone, but in some almost unnoticeable wearable – about the best Japanese restaurants. Our assistant will not show us any results on a screen. It will directly do a search on its own and will tell us in our ear – not in a mechanical way, but in common language – about the options available to us, and it will also offer to make an automatic booking on our behalf.

Thus, searches will disappear. The screens will most likely be preserved, but they will occupy an essentially playful position, and we will be able to find them anywhere, and not only in our trouser pockets.

The Internet will continue to exist, but it will be an ethereal entity for us to try to fulfil all our desires. We will not think about the fact that we will either be connected or that we will be using the Internet: it will be a natural situation.

– Internet will continue to transform (even more) our social reality

Do you think the change that the Internet has made in our way of living and thinking over the last 20 years is important? Well, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

The increasing integration of the Internet will change the way we act and think at an even deeper level. There are risks involved. New social pressures will arise and will develop strongly. Risks to privacy and even new ways of criminality will force us to be more aware than ever before.

In the same way that the current Internet has emerged as a powerful vehicle for spreading both positive and less positive ideas, the future of internet, more integrated and ubiquitous, will transform society and will be the vehicle for rapid development and popularization of new trends.

These are some answers to the question about the internet of the future. Do you think these will happen or do you think otherwise? I’m sure you have some very interesting ideas to share. Why don’t you share these with us? You can leave a comment in the comment section at the end of this article and share your thoughts with all of our readers.

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