It’s exciting to work with new guys at the project, and the first time we coordinate something like this using IRC. Here are the meeting topics for this first meeting:

[18:08] <slerena> so, this is our first meeting ! 🙂
[18:09] <slerena> I think both santi, and mark have contacted with you mentor, right ?.
[18:09] <SantiMunin> Hi
[18:09] <slerena> Hi Santi
[18:09] <SantiMunin> i’m here!
[18:09] <slerena> Sorry again for the delay, I got a problem with my agenda and UTC time and warn me 1hr late 🙁
[18:09] <SantiMunin> no problem
[18:09] <slerena> I was telling the rest of the people I think both santi, and mark have contacted with you mentor, right ?.
[18:09] <SantiMunin> sure
[18:09] <mark_h> slerena: yes me and sergio are in contact
[18:10] <SantiMunin> miguel and me too
[18:10] <slerena> great, the first step, in the next week, it’s to discuss with your mentros the goal of the project
[18:10] <slerena> point by point, and most important at all, PRIORIZE each point
[18:10] <SantiMunin> cool 😀
[18:11] <slerena> so we can reach some objetives at the end, if we found problems (believe me, we will found) at least, have done the most important points
[18:11] <mark_h> Yes I’m awaiting Sergios evaluation of my ideas in case some aren’t of interest
[18:11] <slerena> hareesh, I will be your mentor
[18:11] <Hareesh> yeah.
[18:11] <Hareesh> 😀
[18:11] <Hareesh> I also have some doubts and things to clarify
[18:11] <SantiMunin> nice i will discuss with miguel through this next week
[18:12] <slerena> our project it’s completely new, we don’t have anything developed in firefox or chrome, but we take some code from other project for other small tool we did for goliat
[18:12] <slerena> (thats a long store)
[18:12] <slerena> so I have some ideas of how works the technology under firefox extensions (javascript)
[18:12] <slerena> and we define on a very brief basis, the concept of the extension
[18:12] <slerena> my idea is to focus the approach of the project next two weeks
[18:12] <Hareesh> yeah. those will be helpful for me too. 🙂
[18:13] <Hareesh> yeah. sure.
[18:13] <slerena> so, hasesh, send me by email the first approach you send initially to melange, in an OpenOffice format
[18:13] <slerena> to work over this
[18:13] <slerena> my idea is to priorize first the firefox extension
[18:13] <slerena> For ALL of you, we need you to familiarize with pandora
[18:14] <SantiMunin> i have been playing for a while with it
[18:14] <slerena> probably the best idea is to have a webminar for you with someone of my team
[18:14] <slerena> just to let you learn the basics of pandora
[18:14] <SantiMunin> installing the server
[18:14] <SantiMunin> agents, etc
[18:14] <slerena> you will need it for testing
[18:14] <slerena> Santi: you will need to get events
[18:14] <slerena> Mark: you will need to understand the agent and visualization
[18:14] <SantiMunin> i know 🙂
[18:14] <mark_h> but you mean the basic of using it or also how it works
[18:15] <slerena> Hareesh: Same as santi, you will need to read events and server status, so will need to know how create data, events, alerts…
[18:15] <Hareesh> i tried to install the server, agent for  windows and run it. but i couldn’t do it
[18:16] <slerena> most important is understand how to use it
[18:16] <slerena> and what kind of data uses (input / output)
[18:16] <mark_h> ok
[18:16] <Hareesh> yeah. of course.
[18:16] <slerena> I recomend to use the virtual appliance
[18:16] <slerena> this is the fastest way to have it running
[18:16] <SantiMunin> for events and alerts
[18:16] <SantiMunin> i think the best is checking the api doc, Hareesh
[18:16] <slerena> you both, santi and hareesh will need to access a server to get data using the web api
[18:16] <slerena> you mark, need a server to display the agent information
[18:17] <Hareesh> yeah. but i coulnd’t find api details
[18:17] <slerena> so you all need to have a running server and understand at least the basic operation
[18:17] <mark_h> Alerts are something that are always set up server side?
[18:17] <slerena> hareess and santi, take a look to the API rest documentation….
[18:17] <slerena> is here…
[18:17] <mark_h> or could an agent create a alert for itself
[18:17] <SantiMunin> i think it’s server side
[18:17] <slerena>
[18:18] <SantiMunin> for example, if a server shutdowns
[18:18] <slerena> yes Mark, it’s internal
[18:18] <slerena> the alerts are generated always by the server
[18:18] <mark_h> thought so just checking
[18:18] <slerena> as a result of a data under or over a value (threshold)
[18:18] <SantiMunin> i already checked it
[18:18] <SantiMunin> seems kind of easy to work with it
[18:18] <slerena> ok santi, let’s step is to have a pandora running and be able to generate events on demand
[18:19] <slerena> as result of data or alerts
[18:19] <slerena> to play with the api and get information from the server
[18:19] <SantiMunin> ok
[18:19] <SantiMunin> i’ll work with that
[18:19] <slerena> thats why i think will be useful to have you people in a webminar
[18:20] <SantiMunin> uhm
[18:20] <SantiMunin> i saw info about that before
[18:20] <SantiMunin> we have to register
[18:21] <SantiMunin> or something?
[18:21] <slerena> the first approach for us HAREESH will be to define an interface to configure the basic parameters to connect the pandora database
[18:21] <slerena> API, I mean
[18:21] <slerena> thats URL and password
[18:21] <mark_h> I run a virtual pandora server and then have pandroid on same network, then if everything works I also test on farscape server
[18:21] <SantiMunin> slerena: excuse me, you mean this courses?
[18:21] <Hareesh> yeah.
[18:21] <slerena> no santi
[18:22] <slerena> eeeh, yes. that ones are the “official” but we can arrange something special for you
[18:22] <SantiMunin> nice
[18:22] <SantiMunin> i’ll appreciate it
[18:22] <slerena> we need to setup a day for you
[18:22] <mark_h> I signed up for a official one in may I think
[18:22] <slerena> we can do it next week or the next one
[18:22] <slerena> out of the official calendar
[18:23] <slerena> and mark, yes, you can have the android agent in the same network of the server
[18:23] <SantiMunin> ok, i’ll send you an email after and we talk
[18:23] <slerena> here is holiday next tuesday and wednesday
[18:23] <mark_h> I know I was just stating how I´ve been working 😉
[18:24] <slerena> anyway thats optional
[18:24] <slerena> if you think you can manage by yourselves, thats fine ! 🙂
[18:24] <SantiMunin> slerena: ok, we can meet next friday, anyway we can discuss this on private
[18:24] <slerena> but take in mind, you NEED to understand the app, as “app” not as “development” only
[18:25] <slerena> pandora is huge
[18:25] <slerena> and if you try to think in pandora as “code” only, will be more difficult
[18:25] <SantiMunin> i can work for a while this week with pandora, maybe i wont have to take your time teaching me
[18:25] <slerena> OK
[18:25] <slerena> so, next steps.
[18:25] <slerena> 1. Mail with your mentors about the proposal to have it clear.
[18:25] <SantiMunin> i only understand one kind of code, and it’s android’s event viewer 😛
[18:26] <slerena> 2. “play” with pandora, and tell me if you need a small online training
[18:26] <Hareesh> I will cum up with the idea for interface to configure once i have gone through the API detaisl
[18:26] <Hareesh> details*
[18:26] <slerena> (ok hareesh)
[18:26] <slerena> 3. Take in mind deadline for begin coding is 21 may
[18:27] <slerena> BEFORE that date we need to focus the contents of the projects and know something about pandora
[18:27] <slerena> what do you think about the plan, are you ok ?
[18:27] <mark_h> sounds good
[18:27] <SantiMunin> i’m ok too
[18:28] <SantiMunin> i tought something like that
[18:28] <Hareesh> yeah. sounds good. but will you be able to reply for the doubts we get in the process of discovering pandora
[18:29] <Hareesh> because there are two holidays there. but those will be the dates I will spend more into this.
[18:29] <Hareesh> 🙂
[18:29] <slerena> Try to use also the forum and the development list
[18:29] <Hareesh> yeah. sure. 🙂
[18:29] <slerena> because are lot’s of people who actually can help you with the process of learning pandora
[18:30] <slerena> Forums at
[18:30] <SantiMunin> uhm
[18:30] <SantiMunin> i have a doubt about it
[18:30] <slerena> And development list, where you’re already subscribed
[18:30] <slerena> tell me
[18:30] <SantiMunin> i mean if i want to learn pandora
[18:30] <SantiMunin> as an user
[18:30] <SantiMunin> i should post
[18:30] <SantiMunin> in forum
[18:30] <SantiMunin> or mail list?
[18:30] <slerena> both
[18:30] <slerena> forum have MORE people
[18:30] <SantiMunin> and,  in mail list, isn’t better the users list instead of dev?
[18:31] <slerena> but in development mailing list is where are the people who best know it
[18:31] <SantiMunin> i see
[18:31] <slerena> for general help, use the forum, and later for development, use the devel- list
[18:31] <mark_h> good to know
[18:31] <slerena> the public list is more for announcement or people who prefer it instead the forums
[18:32] <SantiMunin> ok
[18:32] <SantiMunin> that’s clear then
[18:33] <SantiMunin> do you want to tell us anything else?
[18:34] <slerena> no
[18:34] <slerena> so we can finish this first meeting 🙂
[18:34] <slerena> any final questions ?
[18:34] <Hareesh> when we planning to have our next meeting?
[18:34] <SantiMunin> then i would like to thank you again for this opportunity and wish mark_h and Hareesh the best luck
[18:34] <SantiMunin> i have no more questions, thanks 😛
[18:34] <mark_h> no, this weekend is when I  had already planned to get stuck in.
[18:35] <slerena> we will see by email
[18:35] <slerena> probably meetings will be individual with each mentor
[18:35] <slerena> ahm
[18:35] <slerena> one last thing
[18:36] <slerena> you probably can start entering time tracking in integria since now
[18:36] <slerena> this will be very helpful to measure the time you’re speding in the project
[18:36] <slerena> useful for track the total effort
[18:36] <slerena> and for each step
[18:36] <slerena> you will see, that not all time is coding
[18:36] <slerena> in fact
[18:37] <slerena> most important time is done before, during and after the coding itself
[18:37] <slerena> like coordination, pre-documentation, testing and “playing”
[18:37] <slerena> asking people, and of course, later, documenting
[18:37] <slerena> so, all of you understand more or less how to enter your time in integria ?
[18:37] <SantiMunin> slerena: I will start working full time since thursday because I have work at university this week
[18:38] <SantiMunin> it’s ok?
[18:38] <mark_h> ok, I may contact Sergio for a quick walkthrough on using integria
[18:38] <SantiMunin> I saw the system but didn’t test it, I’ll ask you if i have any problem
[18:38] <Hareesh> Same here. Will it be ok if we test it and modify the entries we make?
[18:39] <mark_h> integria is very foreign to me
[18:39] <slerena> there is no need to “work fulltime”
[18:39] <Hareesh> I meant, isnt’ it a fixed scheduling to plan or a measure to our work?
[18:39] <slerena> I mean, you can work flexible with time
[18:40] <slerena> while your total effort are consistent with the GSoC “total time needed” for the project
[18:40] <mark_h> is a “work unit” finsihing a set amount or a set time?
[18:40] <slerena> no
[18:40] <slerena> is a daily progress report
[18:40] <mark_h> ok
[18:41] <slerena> We will add more small tasks
[18:41] <slerena> and milestones
[18:42] <slerena> there is no “fixed” planning, except the intermediate tasks we will define Together
[18:42] <slerena> and the intemerdiate milestones
[18:42] <slerena> and of course the Google/GSOC milestones and ending project date
[18:42] <Hareesh> ok
[18:42] <slerena> fine ! 🙂
[18:42] <mark_h> ok, I will try and practice by logging anything over this weekend in the planning task
[18:43] <slerena> dont worry, I know probably it’s your first time working like this
[18:43] <slerena> but you will see is very “natural”
[18:43] <mark_h> me definitely
[18:43] <Hareesh> yeah. everything seems new for me
[18:43] <Hareesh> not seems, exactly new. ;0
[18:43] <slerena> :)))
[18:43] <mark_h> I’m not worried just confused 🙂
[18:43] <slerena> more fun !
[18:44] <slerena> so, lets talk next week, ok ?
[18:44] <Hareesh> yeah, its really interesting to work… 😀
[18:44] <mark_h> Fine with me
[18:44] <SantiMunin> sure!
[18:44] <Hareesh> yeah, sure. 🙂
[18:44] <slerena> I will publish this IRC chat in our blog, just to put all work public, ok ?
[18:44] <Hareesh> okay. 🙂
[18:44] <SantiMunin> okay
[18:45] <mark_h> no problem
[18:45] <slerena> ok, see you next week, have a nice weekend !!
[18:45] <mark_h> same
[18:45] <SantiMunin> you too!
[18:45] <Hareesh> same 🙂