Oh, the emotions! We’ ve had such good times with them and so many times they’ve fooled us on certain occasions! I’m like that, an emotional, highly empathetic guy. In fact, if we came across each other in the street one day, hypothetical reader, you would say to your walking companion, “Look, there goes an emotional and empathetic type of guy”.

Emotional intelligence in customer service

As you know, as it is quite straightforward, emotions influence the behaviour of workers. They can therefore be closely linked to the way in which they treat customers. Employees, especially in customer service, should be able to control their emotions and also adopt an empathic attitude. This will allow them to offer a complete, adapted and personalized service. To better address concerns and solve problems more effectively and complicitly, always with the aim of satisfying the client’s purposes. This kind of goodwill, emotional intelligence, will be noticed as the number of clients increases and the company’s success will be enhanced.

But what is emotional intelligence itself? We could say that it’s all about the ability to know and control one’s own and other people’s emotions, in order to reach a goal, nothing else.

According to some studies, there can be several areas of emotional intelligence. We will decide which ones can best match the interests of customer service.

  • Understanding your own emotions
    Basically it’s being self-aware and knowing how to recognize feelings while they’re happening.
  • Handling emotions
    To adapt the handling of the feelings and their ideal expression.
  • Emotional motivation
    Emotional self-control and self-motivation in short and long term goals.
  • Emotional recognition
    Empathizing with the needs and feelings of others.
  • Relationship management
    Skills in interpersonal relationships

What do you think is the most important aspect of customer service?

Emotional intelligence in customer service is the perfect formula for linking relationships between employees, customers and the company to achieve the best possible goals.

How to apply emotional intelligence in customer service

The expectations that can be created by customers give them positive emotions, of course, if these are fulfilled. On the other hand, they can become negative if these are not met.

As we have already said, emotional intelligence has several facets but, as employees of the customer service sector, we will pay particular attention to those that give us the ability to recognize, understand, manage and
encourage emotions or moods in oneself and others.

The greatest benefits of emotional intelligence tend to be focused on knowing and managing your own emotions. However, in customer service we are more interested in recognizing, controlling and inducing emotions in customers.

Some of the key points that we need to consider when using emotional intelligence in customer service may be:

  1. The first thing we are going to check, of course, is whether we know our own emotions inside out. It will always be a good training to recognize them in the clients. In this way, you can easily identify yourself when your client feels frustrated, when he or she is indirectly begging for help or simply when he or she feels happy and content.
  2. Operating and managing emotions takes some self-control to keep you at a distance from what is happening. Never take our customers’ complaints or criticisms too seriously. It’s nothing personal. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are there to agree on their needs and expectations.
  3. Self-motivation is not just a matter of breakfast cups. It is essential. Especially to set oneself goals and objectives in the world of customer service. Don’t be in any doubt that if you have a clear objective you can enjoy your work and even get rid of those little moments of tension. In any case, your purpose should not be to blame or argue with every living thing, but rather to find solutions and satisfy the client.
  4. Empathy, that word that will help you with your ability to understand customers by putting yourself in their shoes and facilitating your conversation with them at levels you can’t imagine. By listening deeply and following the signals of the conversation. The client will be stunned by your interest in resolving the situation and you will discover an incredible and powerful tool to transform the client’s emotions and moods.
  5. The use and enjoyment of social relationships is a gift that stands out in people who have a good time dealing with the user. Controlling communication, in writing, by telephone, in the presence of the client…. it shows a truthful attitude in the orientation and help of your client. This is quite shocking and influences the user’s emotions and decisions.

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