We already live in a post-apocalyptic future that has nothing to envy to great franchises like Mad Max or Blade Runner.

Proof of this are pollution, pandemics and the fact that your most intimate secrets can be violated because your most impenetrable slogans are in a database of leaked passwords.

Do you feel that pinch? It’s fear and cruel reality knocking at your door at the same time.

But, well, let’s stand by. Just as Mel Gibson or Harrison Ford would do in their sci-fi plots. Let a hard guy grimace get drawn on your face, adjust your pistol grip and put on comfortable shoes. Help us and help yourself answer this question:

Are you in a database of leaked passwords?

You already know that periodically, the security of large companies that store hundreds of data, including your passwords, is violated with total impunity.

We have repeated it countless times: No one is free from evil because, friends, evil never rests. And on top of that, there are no superheroes for these things.

That is why we will try to guide you to check, in a simple way, whether you and your passwords are in a database of leaked passwords.

That way you will find out whether you are safe or you already have to start thinking about coming up with new and original passwords.


No matter how far-fetched and armored it may seem, from time to time you will have to check if it has been leaked. We do not want anyone with bad intentions to use them and take advantage of some of the services you have hired or, directly, steal your information. 

To guide you in this search what we will do is start by checking your emails. We will check whether they are included in some of these databases of leaked passwords. That way we will not only reveal if these have been filtered, but also the rest of the accounts in which you repeat the same username and password over and over again.

Is all this necessary?

Between you and me, it’s easier to memorize a password than to try it with hundreds. That’s why you repeat the same one since your teenage days! Damn it… maybe even since you met messenger and Terra chat. 

But this is a very dangerous thing! If someone has already obtained your old hotmail email and the password you used in it, and that you may continue to use, what they will do is, apart from appropriating your email, is to use that information to enter other platforms or services where you continue to use the same username and password as in that hotmail. 

Once you know whether any of the credentials that you usually repeat have been leaked, you will have in your hand the option to change them both on the site that has been violated and in the rest of the places where you use them. 

How do we do it?

To find out whether the passwords of any of the websites in which you have registered have been violated and filtered, you just have to go to:


A portal that is responsible for collecting information from password databases filtered throughout the Internet.

*The page is quite intuitive. It works as a search engine. As the main Google page. So calm down.

Let’s go with a small list of steps to follow:

  1. Enter haveibeenpwned.com.
  2. Go to the main text box. In there type the email account you want to verify. You will be immediately shown the accounts or platforms, linked to it, that have been breached.
  3. If after typing your email and pressing enter, the screen turns green, you are in luck, your email has not been involved in any massive leak.
  4. However, if the screen turns to a maroon shade… Shit! The password linked to that email has been leaked! What’s more, the very attentive page will tell you where. Below you will see a list of websites where you used to enter with that email and where the passwords have been stolen.
  5. Go change passwords! Both from your email and from all the pages that appeared to you. Well, and the rest where you may be using the same username and password that you used with the compromised accounts.


We know it’s a hassle to change passwords every once in a while, but so is it to have your account stolen and impersonate you by putting a horrible profile picture. This among many other unmentionable bad deeds that can be done. Now that you can check whether you’re in one of those leaked password databases, we leave it to you.