Are you a customer service agent or do you want to become one? Are you the head of the customer service department? Do you want to find out some customer service skills? Are you a NASA astronaut? Don’t worry, you can also read this article!

Customer service is not an easy task. Dealing with angry customers and high workloads is quite common in customer service, so having the right customer service skills is essential for a large number of companies.

In this article we will discover some skills that can be very useful for those people/agents who work in customer service. Some of these skills are innate, but also some of them can be acquired with hard work and dedication. Here we go!

Be polite and respectful

You know that this is a must-have quality, and it is essential when it comes to customer service. Any customer who gets in touch with the customer service department wants to be treated with respect. And you must also remember that they deserve respect, so be careful with your attitude! Dealing with a rude customer is not an excuse to break this rule. Nobody should disrespect a customer service agent, but if the client does this, then the customer service agent shouldn’t freak out. Take a look at the following skill; it will be very useful when it comes to these situations.

You need to have self-control

Annoying clients, who talk too much… It will not be easy, but self-control is one of the most important customer service skills when it comes to dealing with clients. Are you a quiet person? Congratulations!! That is the type of personality that will help you in your work. But if you are not like this, if you are not a quiet person, you should know that this is a skill that can be acquired(for example, there are different courses specially for this).

Be positive

This is one of the most important customer service skills, we don’t want you to tell jokes all the time when dealing with clients, and don’t underestimate the client’s problems by trying to convince him/her that those problems are not that important. When it comes to being positive in customer service, you have to be optimistic while being able to convey that the contact that the customer has established with us is the first step to solve his/her problems successfully.

Be empathetic

It is a basic skill and it is useful in several aspects. If you are empathetic, you will do your job successfully and you will also enjoy your job more.
Being empathetic means that you are able to put yourself in the shoes of someone else, this allows you to get involved in the problems of others, as if these problems were yours. If you have this skill, then your job in customer service will be more interesting and you will do it more effectively. This will be good for you, and for your customers.

You must be a good communicator and listen to them

This is essential because a great part of the job involves dealing with other people. The ability to understand others accurately and to communicate fluently with all types of people will be an essential value for a customer service agent. Just like any other skill, you can also improve it, so keep that in mind.

You must be able to work with other people

Just like in any other job position, when it comes to working with colleagues, if you are able to work in a group, this will be quite useful. But you must also consider the stress related to customer service, because stress is something that will usually appear.

You have to be quick

This is a reality: when it comes to customer service it is quite common to deal with high volumes of work, and this requires great agility to handle them. The good news is that agility can be trained and gained through experience; therefore anyone can have this important skill for customer service.

Be diligent and decisive

When someone gets in touch with the customer service department, it is usually because they have a problem, which needs to be solved. It will not be useful if the agent is kind or empathetic and limits himself/herself to offering understanding and sympathy without solving the situation. Diligence and resolution are useful qualities for any job, but in a job position that requires as much agility as customer service, then this is quite important.

You must know all about the service and the company

This is another fundamental issue. That person, who does not know the service and the basic issues that affect his/her work, will not be able to carry out a good job. Usually, this knowledge will be acquired with training, which companies themselves usually provide for the customer service agents, in order for their agents to learn all about the basic principles when dealing with clients and the operation of the service. These can be very helpful. Take advantage of them!

You should be able to manage the right technological tools

It will be fundamental to get work done with agility and efficiency. Nowadays, customer service departments usually use different technological tools in order to get the job done in an effective way. A good agent must know how to handle these with ease in order to do his/her job properly, don’t you think?

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