They are as essential as water is for plants. As the seasoning for a dish. As the bulb for the lamp. As the night for the day.

But enough with the metaphors! If you own a business and you don’t have clients, you have it tough. That’s crystal clear, and you don’t need poetic constructions to understand it.

And even if you have your clients, many of them, nice and smiley, surely you want more, right? Although the task of earning more users for your business is not always easy, as it covers different factors to keep in mind, and because you face competitors avid to get hold of them as much as you.

Client portfolio: 5 useful ways to make it grow. Don’t miss them!

In this article, we are going to see some ideas to turn your business portfolio into an attractive and brimming one. Let’s dive in!

Offer the best products or services

I know this one seems a bit obvious, but, probably, you have stopped thinking about it, and you might have forgotten about it. When businesses reach a certain level of experience and their products have excelled and they sell well, it’s easy to get too comfortable here and fail to remind yourself that you can improve even more.

Some of us we know it well and think about this constantly. Have you heard of the Kaizen method? It’s a philosophy with an extensive record that advocates for continuous improvement. Because, even if you are good, you can always be better.

If you offer the best products and services, and you do it in a well-balanced way, you’ll receive a steady income of clients. Try it yourself and you’ll see how the effort is worth it.

Don’t forget about advertising

Just because it’s traditional or because it involves an economic investment, you should not discard it. If advertising has been in the game for decades and still is, it’s clear that it’s due to the effectiveness to reach new potential clients. While, for some business, is its main way to get them, others try to reduce their investment in advertising to the bare minimum, more often than not for economic limitations.

The amount of money placed to invest in publicity will depend on the necessities and possibilities of each company. Nonetheless, notice that nowadays, thanks greatly to the Internet, there are advertising options of all kind, which allow you to target the audience you want to reach and be more flexible with the quantities of money that you’d like to destine to promotion. Think carefully about all the available options and remember that this is an option for you to reach new clients.

Create new products or services

Is one of the ways in which you can grow your business and therefore your business portfolio (or vice-versa). New products will lure new clients who might not be interested in what you were offering in the past but would be interested in an innovative and quality new product that your company launches.

In addition, another good option could be to give a twist to your already existing products. Could you give them a new approach and modify them so they are of the taste of members of a niche market different from the one you’re currently in? Maybe you’re actually quite close to being liked by a new and numerous group of people with just a few little changes and you haven’t realized already.

Step up your digital strategy

You might have already an online presence (if you don’t have it already, you have a lot to work at) but, do you have all the presence you need?

These days, for many companies the net is a channel for new clients to arrive that can’t be overlooked. You may have your webpage by now, but you must know that there are many other ways to turn into clients the millions of people who lurk around the net. Profiles in social media, blogs, inbound marketing… There are many different media which didn’t exist a couple of years ago and, every day, new ways of getting to know new products and services appear. Don’t ignore them!

Provide an amazing customer service

Customer service does not just allow us to keep clients that we already have (which also contributes to maintaining the volume of our portfolio), but can also be one of the best ways to attract new clients.

An amazing customer service experience sets a good image of our business. It lets the users know that we are there if any problem comes their way and that we care to give them the best service possible. If we achieve this goal of providing such a great service, it’ll be much more likely for our clients to be satisfied, and something interesting about clients is that they use to have friends, acquaintances or family to whom talk about their life, which can be quite positive if they pass on the great customer service they had had without company.

Seriously, customer service is one of the best ways of indirect advertisement that a business can access. Never forget about this!

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