“Pragmatism”, “saving” and “effectiveness” are words that should be engraved on your brain, especially if you are one of those who want their business to be profitable. But let us add a new one right now: “centralized management”.

There are many ways to find the most practical options, and get the one that works the best with less effort. Throughout your career, you have tried to build, piece by piece, bit by bit, the most perfect machine that fulfils this purpose. Here at Pandora RC, we will only give you one more tip about what you could add to that machine of yours, your particular Terminator, so that your system’s performance improves.

We are talking about centralized management

You may have heard of centralized management before, but it sounded like just a gossip, a trick used to deceive you by those who are called “the prophets of technology” by the skeptics. But the fact is that centralized management is already among us. It is completely viable and it has been a major breakthrough, thanks to technology.

During the last few years, companies have been trying to get ahold of a range of tools that enables them to establish a more centralized management. Their goal is simple: save time and space. Therefore, it must be clear that technology is essential when managing the large amount of information generated by a company.

Centralized management tools are already overcrowding the market since they are extremely useful. They represent a whole new revolution, one of those that awaken our sense of rebellion. These means allow us to reduce the disadvantages of a decentralized and multifocus administration. Now, at last, you can transfer many aspects of your day to day operability to a single office that works as headquarters.

It is clear that if you have a company made up of several buildings, companies, or grocery stores and you want to set the centralization you need in motion, you must transfer the most important departments from each location to the central headquarters. Of course, to achieve this you will have to take a chance on centralization technology. Later on, we will give you some advice on this topic, because without it centralized management would make no sense.

The effect of centralized management on certain daily aspects of your business will be plainly clear, such as resource optimization, since the costs will be considerably decreased.

Centralization means saving

Less equipment, less staff and less licenses.

Productivity will increase or will be considerably improved. Imagine being able to have access to your computers remotely in an easy, fast and streamlined manner. Centralization implies using by definition more simple criteria, applications, and administration. To carry out centralization there has to be at the very least some kind of communication and order. There have to be some action protocols! Once all of these features, communication and order have been regulated and established, centralization will be possible, and as a consequence, productivity will increase.

Together with those we have been able to review, another parameter that we will cover, to a greater or lesser extent, is safety. When everything is centralized in a single database, not distributed, the access to it and its control will be immediate. System evaluation will be fast and there will be no need to go through each and every one of the branches looking for errors or failures. Everything will be at your disposal. You will quickly notice, for example, whether they have been intervened by some external individual or any unauthorized items.

Your company’s competitiveness will increase by getting to a level where the other companies have done the same. Centralized systems are much more flexible when it comes to the renewal of the system itself or its branches. Whatever update, both physical and virtual aimed to restructure the central headquarters, will shortly after spread to the rest of its annexes.

Which tools then should we count on for this centralization?

Starting from scratch is not easy task, but have you ever thought about what remote control applications could do for you and for your new centralized management? To begin with, they let you manage your PC without being sitting in front of it, which is very useful if we think of a large network of computers located in different places.

Such applications allow you to, for example, carry out remote computer assistance tasks. A service through which a technician located at the core of your organization, without the need for a technical department in other secondary locations, can have access to all your network computers and fix those which have certain needs or problems, remotely, by means of the Internet and with the help of remote login programs. But you could operate these computers even if there is nothing wrong with them. You’d have all the possibilities within arm’s reach with just an IT department in your headquarters and not on each branch.

Remote IT support, through a good remote access software, allows you to avoid having multiple headaches. In terms of IT, it is one of the most used means of assistance currently used within the professional sector.

One of the examples of remote access software that come to my mind could be Pandora RC. A computer equipment management system that will allow you to have access to your machines wherever they might be, from a browser, without having direct connectivity to your equipment from the outside, and help your centralization system.

You will only have to grab your latest technology computer, open Pandora RC web portal, through your browser and your user, and see the list of devices to which you have access to, since you can choose more than one. Easy as pie.

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