• Virtual Server Monitoring

Virtual Server Monitoring

Some years ago, it was easy to obtain information from your infrastructure. Nowadays you might not even know where your infrastructure is! It doesn’t matter if you have a hybrid infrastructure, SaaS, in a private or public Cloud, or you just don´t know and don´t care.

Following the “if it can´t be measured, it doesn’t exist” principle, we offer information recovery from your systems wherever they are. You probably already have a monitoring system in place but are you sure the service level you are getting is the one you were promised? Use our remote probes, our agents or plugins for virtual infrastructure monitorization.

virtual server monitoring


Pandora FMS automatically monitors ESX servers, Datastores, virtual machines and the Virtual Center on your VMware architecture. This monitoring will not affect the performance of VMware systems. It uses the official API to retrieve all the information you need it to. Besides, Pandora FMS can work with XEN, RHEV, Hyper-V and EC2, always following the same principles.

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IaaS integration

Let’s suppose you don’t have access to your infrastructure’s servers. Don´t worry: you can always get agents installed or monitor them from the outside. Using the provision mechanisms of your IaaS provider with Pandora’s API, you’ll be able to dynamically add systems to the monitored network without even lifting a finger.

virtual server monitoring iass integration