Monitoring for MSP

More than 100,000 agents, hundreds of clients, a single console

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Designed for MSP

Dozens of our clients provide their users with 24/7 monitoring, administration and infrastructure management services.

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High Scalability and multiclient

The Pandora FMS Metaconsole is a specific version for MSP, designed to work in environments that require a large volume of devices and that need to operate in a multiclient environment in a single platform, and also progressively.

Multiple benefits for your customers

Your customers will have access to personalized monitoring views, including maps and dashboards.
You can delegate the administration and/or operation to your clients, or reserve the administration as part of a premium service.
With APIs and command-line tools, you can implement automatic provisioning, accounting, auditing, and other operations for easy integration into your internal processes.
You will have several customized reports, based on different types of templates: SLA, graphs, availability, Top-N reports, event and alert history, etc.
You can define the monitoring checks and report types available to your customer, accessible as self-service.
When we designed the Metaconsole, we took into account the monitoring requirements for MSP, which are different from those of end-customer tools.

Make your services stand out from the competition

Agent-based monitoring system can be deployed with silent, centrally managed installers after provisioning.
Include eHorus among your services, a remote device management system which is part of the Pandora FMS family, and integrate it with your systems in the on-premise mode.
You can customize agents with your default logo and settings to make provisioning easier.
Satellite servers allow you to deploy monitoring in small remote offices, without incoming connectivity and without installing agents.

Integration support

We have a specific training plan for MSP and Metaconsole environments, as well as specific integration and development courses, so that your team can take full advantage of our software. We put our experience at your disposal to adapt Pandora FMS and integrate your business processes at a low level.

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