Mainframe Monitoring

A specific solution for monitoring Mainframe zSeries environments and integrating them with the rest of your monitoring. A set of default monitors will save you time and you won’t need to manually perform administration tasks to make daily checklist of the system. Avoid surprises by monitoring the resources consumed by your mainframe in real time, controlling billing parameters and saving costs. In addition, monitoring is carried out remotely without the need to install any additional software on your mainframe, extracting data from your Sysplex, LPAR and any other resources.

Mainframe server image monitoring featured

Advantages of Pandora FMS plugin for z/OS

Reduce your costs by monitoring the resources consumed by the Mainframe in real time. Avoid surprises and save money by controlling the parameters of billing per consumption.
Remote monitoring without installation of additional software on the mainframe. Pandora FMS uses a standard component integrated in most mainframes (RMF Data Portal Monitor) that extracts data from its Sysplex, LPAR or any other resource.
Easily access and correct your reports based on your Mainframe status alerts.
Integrate the entire monitoring process for your IT systems within the same visual console.

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