Configuring double authentication for a user account

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Two-Step Authentication Quick Setup Guide

Double authentication has been positioning itself for years as one of the best options to increase the security of a user account. As of version 6.0, Pandora FMS incorporates this functionality by integrating with the Google solution called Google Authenticator.


To use this functionality, the administrator must have activated it in the authentication section of the global configuration of the Pandora FMS console. It will also be necessary to have the code generator application on a mobile device that you own. To find out where and how to download it, click here:


You will find the option in your user settings.

By clicking on it, a section with information about this functionality will appear. After clicking continue and accept in the dialog that appears, you will reach the secret code generation step. This code will be the one that you will have to enter in the code generation application.

When creating a new item in the app, you will see that there are two options to create it.

  • Manual entry: you must enter the alphanumeric code provided by Pandora FMS and a name for the item.
  • Scan barcode: you must scan the QR code provided by Pandora FMS, the item will be created automatically.

Once created, you will be able to advance to the next section, after reconfirming a dialog box, in which you must confirm that you have carried out the procedure correctly by entering the code generated by the application and validating it later.

If the code is valid, the configuration is finished. You will be able to close the information box and double authentication will be necessary after successfully logging into Pandora FMS.

If the code is invalid, you will need to try again or start the activation over by closing the info box.


Simply uncheck the option to bring up a box to disable it.

Another option is to ask a Pandora FMS administrator to do it this way.

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