Pandora ITSM Interface

Login screen

See "Connecting for the first time" as the screens are different and additional steps must be performed.

The default credentials are:

  • User: admin.
  • Password: integria.

Once valid login credentials are entered, by default the Web Console will display the main welcome page. This home page can also be customized by the user, as explained in section “Customized screens”.

Pandora ITSM Home Page

The default home page displays a default welcome message and above it a search engine for the Knowledge Base, the Wiki and Manage tickets by default. Depending on the permissions assigned to each user, the search in other areas can also be marked. The number of results in each area is set to ten by default, and can be adjusted in the Visual configuration.

  • In the upper left corner the application logo and right next to it a button to collapse the main menu.

Each user created will have more or less information, both in the main menu and in the rest of the elements, according to the access permissions granted.

  • Header with the search engine already described and in the upper right corner the buttons for notifications, help, general configuration of the Web Console, user's own edition and logout button.
  • In the lower left corner, access to the Chatbot.

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