• Server Monitoring

Advantages of server monitoring


Planning capacity

You probably have a data history going back months, with all its information and associated devices. With Pandora FMS you can maximize the potential of this data. You’ll be able to produce many styles of reports (Top-N, on trends) or make consultations, and all on-demand, and automatically.

Single centralized database

This allows us to consolidate different data sources (systems, networks, OS, apps, databases, logs) in just one place. This isn’t only more convenient, but also lets us correlate visually the information, and produce reports, all on-demand. More than just server monitoring.

Monitoring at point of origin

Simply monitoring information in situ can give precise results. Pandora FMS server monitoring is exhaustive, powerful, discreet, and very, very flexible.

Centralized admin

Having access to data in real time permits us to execute actions automatically in the device which is experiencing the problem. You can use the Pandora FMS agent to gain remote access to your systems via command lines or remote desktop, to execute processes on-demand, and even to execute file copying.

Low level monitorization

From the application itself, we add the potential of Pandora FMS’s agents to obtain information from the source, without third-party connectors or heavy adapters. Plugins are specifically designed for Enterprise technologies such as Oracle, DB2, VMware or SAP, and will get all the relevant metrics using autodiscovery mechanisms. You can customize it, adding the metrics that you need, but it’s ready to go out-of-the-box.

Get availability and performance data, create reports, graphs and alerts for any metric (for example, an email you when your limit of concurrent users of a SAP system is reaching its limit).

Transactional Monitoring

Raw data by itself is not particularly useful, especially when your applications involve distributed user experience. Thanks to Pandora FMS’s technology, you will be able to make complex operations, through a browser or simulating an operator that interacts with a desktop application. You can find out if a complex transaction is working and how long it takes, and be able to deploy probes to run those tasks in different locations.

Don’t wait for an angry customer to tell you that your application is down. Stay a step ahead and anticipate problems before they can impact your business.

Service Maps

The goal of our APM approach is to build a map (or tree) to see exactly what is failing in your infrastructure. Forget about technical details, and focus on monitoring your customer management engine, internet connection or ISP provider. Once you’ve identified the problem, you will be able to explore in detail where it is, and how to solve it.

Server monitoring

We offer a real flexibility and will fit your all your needs with a single solution. We are not only focused on networks, servers or applications like others.
We’re a real all-in-one solution that covers topics as varied as system monitoring, hardware, or business processes, but instead of being like the “big 4” solutions, we have more flexibility and faster deployment

Server monitoring benefits

Hybrid enviroments

Unified visibility and real-time awareness for all of your cloud-based infrastructures

Application Performance Management

Ensure application performance and user satisfaction, monitoring applications from the inside

Infrastructure Visibility

See infrastructure impact on application performance. Put all the pieces together

Quotes from our Customers

"Pandora gives us the opportunity to perform more intelligent monitoring, minimizing the false alerts and subsequently having the engineers work on the servers only when needed”
Michalis Kamprianis IT Projects & Applications Manager, G4S.
"...for Pandora, it is easy to build a redundant configuration which is superior to commercial products”
Shigema Takeda Development & Operation, Rakuten.
“The superior flexibility Pandora FMS offers is invaluable. Pandora FMS enables Conferma to monitor bespoke software and key database information which is essential for the nature of our operations”
Rik Kay Security Network Administrator at Conferma

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