The purpose of this glossary is to unify and define in detail all the definitions of terms commonly used in Integria IMS.


  • Determine user permissions.
  • In IIMS they are defined by assigning a user User mode over a group.


Just as in GNU/Linux there is a superuser named root , in Integria FMS there is also a superuser named superadmin:

  • When installing a full IIMS server, by default a user is included: Default admin ( admin ) with the User mode field set to `Super administrator` (this user cannot be erased).
  • This admin user is the first superadmin but not the only one.
  • In addition to the superadmin, administrator users can be created in IIMS with the profile Administration, with the exception that, for example, it is not possible to define other users as superadmin.

For security reasons there are functions that only a super admin can access.


A Workunit is each of the notes associated with a ticket.

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