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Integria IMS allows the visualization of tickets created in GitLab. Thanks to this functionality, you can have visibility of all tickets within the same tool.


In order to access the list of GitLab tickets, the first thing we have to do is activate it in the Setup in the corresponding tab and enter the necessary data to connect to GitLab.

We need an access token that belongs to a GitLab user with permissions to view the tickets of the project we are interested in.

Creating personal access token in GitLab:

  1. Login to GitLab.
  2. In the upper right corner, select the avatar icon.
  3. Edit profile.
  4. Access tokens.
  5. Enter name and optional expiration date for the token.
  6. Select the desired areas.
  7. Keep the personal access token in a safe place. After leaving the page, we will no longer have access to the token.

We also need the URL of the project. Example:

And the base URL of the images to be able to load the images that contain the tickets in their description and in their comments. Example:

In order to access the menu in the following image, in addition to having the token active in the Configuration section, we must have the appropriate profile applied or be an administrator user.

Profile Management

To give access to the GitLab menu, in addition to activating the configuration token, you have to assign the permission to the desired profiles.

Here is an example profile for the ticket view:

We will mark the option Gitlab View. And as a note, it should be remembered that it will be necessary to have permissions on the Tickets section to be able to access the list of GitLab tickets as shown in the previous image.

Uploading tickets from GitLab to Integria IMS

To load tickets from GitLab, just run the file found in operation/incidents/load_issues_gitlab.php from a terminal or by accessing it from Integria IMS.

Once the upload is done, you can check the list of tickets from GitLab.

Viewing tickets

The list of tickets is accessed from the Support menu –> GitLab Issues.This is a list only for viewing tickets. It is not possible to edit it. You can refine your search using the filters: keyword in title or description, ticket status, milestone to which the ticket belongs, tags assigned to it, and date range of creation.

To see the detail, click on the GitLab ID or on the ticket title.

The details of the ticket, its description and comments, if any, are displayed.

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