Integration with Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is monitoring software aimed at all types of environments. It is currently fully integrated, since from Pandora FMS you may create and close tickets manually or automatically through alerts or event responses, as well as see and edit them from the section prepared for this purpose.

You may find its configuration and display in the following link of the Incident management, which explains step by step the configurations necessary to launch the integration, as well as all the options that it allows you.

Communication between Pandora FMS and Pandora ITMS is done through the PITMS API.

Inventory synchronization with Pandora FMS

Once two-way communication with Pandora FMS has been configured, by accessing through the Setup → Setup menu, Pandora FMS Inventory tab, The nodes (PFMS servers) that have successfully connected to PITSM will appear and the status of said connection will be shown.

Information displayed:

  • Label of the connected node.
  • Connection path.
  • Progress of agents that have been synchronized.
  • Time since synchronization started.
  • Time of the next execution.
  • Connection status.
  • Delete operations and option to restart the connection.

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