Pandora Azure SQL enterprise

Ver. 11-05-2022 With this plugin you can get performance and connectivity data from an Azure SQL database such as cpu used, failed or successful connections or firewall blockages. Type: Server plug-in Modules created by the plugin allocated_data_storage app_cpu_billed...

PostgreSQL monitoring enterprise

Ver. 08-04-2022 With this plug-in we will be able to monitor postgreSQL through customized queries. Type: Server plug-in Modules The modules obtained by the plugin depend on the queries that we introduce, nevertheless, the plugin comes with a file with example queries...

Remote SQL Oracle

This plugin can execute remote queries for oracle databases. You can find all necessary information about using this plugin at sqlscript.readme. Files: sqlscript.readme


This is an agent local plugin to extract information from a ODBC source in a Windows server using native SQL format. Module data ODBC Local Plugin for Pandora FMS This VBS Local Plugin reads a configuration file, which defines the module name, System DSN Name, user,...

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior