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Update in: 20 September 2018


This is an agent local plugin to extract information from a ODBC source in a Windows server using native SQL format.

Module data

ODBC Local Plugin for Pandora FMS

This VBS Local Plugin reads a configuration file, which defines the module name, System DSN Name, user, password, database, module type and SQL to execute in a CSV format. You can specify several checks in the same file, for example:

dbcheck_data,UNO,sa,pandora,PRUEBA,generic_data,"SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.ejemplo WHERE id <> '0'"
dbcheck_string,UNO,sa,pandora,PRUEBA,generic_data_string,"SELECT nombre FROM dbo.ejemplo ORDER BY id"
dbcheck_boolean,UNO,sa,pandora,PRUEBA,generic_proc,"SELECT MAX(id) FROM dbo.ejemplo"

Put the SQL sentence between doble quotes, use single quotes for SQL syntax sentences. You may return several records (like third example), but if there are several fields on each record plugin will only get the first value on each record.

Example of execution, as defined in pandora_agent.conf:

module_plugin cscript.exe //B C:UserspandoraDesktoppandora_odbc.vbs C:UserspandoraDesktopodbc_sample.ini"

If a query do not contains record, you will receive a module with value 0 and a description with the text “No records returned”.



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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior