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Pandora FMS plugin for Oracle Database allows you to monitor your Oracle instances, listeners, processes and more.

The plugin by default do the following monitoring:

  • Scanning of the tablespace to get free space.
  • Scanning of the tablespace to get status.
  • Scanning of Oracle filesystems working on the system (in base of one prefix and on the name of the instance (SID).
  • Verification of the connection to the DB (through query and getting current date).
  • Verification of the services with a listener (only at instance level).
  • Verification of Pmon process of each SID (only Unix).
  • Verification of the general status of the listener (for all instances).
  • Verification of the listeners of each SID defined.
  • Error parsing looking for a regular expression in the alert log. The alert log depends on each instance and its exact location is auto detected.The plugin is necessary to parse andora logs in order to process these logs (only Unix).

Besides it also monitors the following performance parameters, such as is recommended by many administrators who are experts in Oracle for different kinds of environments:

  • Invalid Objects
  • Broken jobs
  • Dictionary Cache Hit Ratio
  • Library Cache Hit Ratio
  • DB Block Buffer Cache Hit Ratio
  • Latch Hit Ratio
  • Disk Sort Ratio
  • Rollback Segment Waits
  • Dispatcher Workload
  • Active sessions
  • Concurrent parallel sessions
  • DB Blocks

Only enterprise users can view the download links.

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