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Update in: 15 February 2022


This plugin reports the following checks by default for all JMX standard technologies (Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic, Jboss, Jetty, GlassFish, etc.):

  • Information and statistics of the application server.
  • Information of the host Operative system where the application server isrunning.
  • List and information of the Servlets state deployed inside the application server..
  • Byte number of memory used by the server.
  • Optional other information can be extracted from all Mbeans inside applicationserver.


  • Active Sessions
  • Max Sessions Allowed
  • Connector SSL confguration
  • Connector State
  • JSP Count
  • Class Load Time
  • Servlet count allocated
  • Servlet load time
  • Servlet class
  • Servlet request count
  • Servlet load on startup
  • Webmodule confgured
  • Webmodule start time
  • Webmodule request count
  • Webmodule state name


  • Active sessions
  • Invalid Sessions
  • Create count
  • Close count
  • Allocate count
  • Fault count
  • Percent used
  • Average CPU usage by web component
  • Cache size
  • Websphere home directory
  • J2EE modules of an specifc web component
  • Prevent Jre Memory Leaks
  • Detect App CLLeaks
  • Bootstrap port
  • ORB Request timeout
  • ORB Request Retries Count
  • Trace level
  • Trace bufer size
  • Maximum size of thread pool
  • Minimum size of thread pool
  • Inactivity Timeout


  • Locked Users Current Count
  • Lockout Duration
  • Lockout Enabled
  • Invalid Login Attempts Total Count
  • Pool Max Capacity
  • Execution Time Average
  • Invocation Total Count
  • Diagnostics Read Count
  • Diagnostics Delete Count
  • Diagnostics Update Count
  • Diagnostics Create Count
  • Mbean Completed Requests
  • Mbean Bytes Received Count
  • Mbean Bytes Sent Count
  • Mbean Connections Count
  • Mbean Public URL
  • Mbean Messages Sent Count
  • Mbean Messages Received Count
  • Mbean Execution Time Average
  • Mbean Execution Time Total
  • Mbean Invocation Total Count
  • Servlet State
  • Servlet Server Startup Time
  • Servlet Execution Time Average
  • Servlet Reload Total Count
  • Servlet Execution Time High
  • Servlet Invocation Total Count
  • Webmodule status
  • Webmodule Open Sessions High Count
  • Webmodule Session Invalidation Interval Secs
  • Webmodule Sessions Opened Total Count
  • Webmodule Module Id


  • Active Controller Brokers
  • Broker leaders
  • Incoming Bytes per second
  • Incoming Messages per second
  • ISR expansion Rate
  • ISR shrink rate
  • Network processors avg idle time
  • Number of disputed leader elections rate
  • Offline Controller Brokers
  • Outgoing Bytes per second
  • Request handlers avg idle time
  • Requests in fetch API purgatory
  • Requests in producer API purgatory
  • System’s partitions
  • Total time to serve a specified request (fetch API consumer)
  • Total time to serve a specified request (fetch API follower)
  • Total time to serve a specified request (producer API)
  • Unclear leader election rate
  • Under-replicated partition

Update  v752:

  • Now it’s possible to configure thresholds for custom mbean modules.
  • The plugin can be run as a server plugin now.

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