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Update in: 14 January 2019


This plugin monitors a MySQL server, reporting following modules:

Database engine monitoring:

  • mysql connection
  • restart detection
  • queries
  • query rate
  • query select
  • query update
  • query delete
  • query insert
  • current connections
  • connections ratio
  • aborted connections
  • Innodb buffer pool pages total
  • Innodb buffer pool read requests
  • Innodb buffer pool write requests
  • Innodb disk reads
  • Innodb disk writes
  • Innodb disk data read
  • Innodb disk data written
  • query cache enabled
  • query hit ratio

Specific database monitoring:

  • mysql [dbname] connection
  • mysql [dbname] average fragmentation
  • custom queries

In addition you can launch your own queries with this plugin to monitor internal data of your application.


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