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Update in: 5 March 2024


Important Notice: This plugin is no longer actively maintained or updated. We strongly advise you to explore alternative plugins available in our library for the latest features and support.

Specific Pandora FMS SNMP Recon Plugin for SNMP device autodiscovery


./snmpdevices.pl <task_id> <group_id> <create_incident_flag> <custom_field1> <custom_field2>
* custom_field1 = network. i.e.:
* custom_field2 = snmp_community.

Additional information:

When the script is called from a recon task, ‘task_id’ parameter is automatically filled, group_id and create_incident_flag are passed from interface form combos and custom fields manually filled.

NOTE: This version is fixed since 3.2.1 release.



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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior