Pandora NTA

Pandora Network Traffic Analyzer (Pandora NTA) is a network traffic analysis tool designed for environments where you don’t want, or can’t, use Netflow to do a network analysis. As a base for Pandora NTA/NTOP we use a fork of the NTOP project (of the...

IPAM DHCP tool enterprise

Pandora FMS IPAM DHCP tool provides DHCP monitorization modules for a Windows DHCP server and also complements the information shown in IPAM extension. This is an agent plugin. You must create a collection in your Pandora FMS console. For instance, use a custom...

Cacti to Pandora FMS – Migration tool

Tool to migrate all SNMP monitoring from a Cacti system to Pandora FMS including historical data. See more at Spanish documentation English documentation Cacti to Pandora migration tool...

Network bandwidth enterprise

Pandora FMS plugin for Network bandwidth monitoring. This plugin allows you to monitor the percentage of use of your interface bandwidth. Only enterprise users can view the download links.

Policy HP LaserJet 9040 enterprise

Enterprise policy with SNMP modules for HP LaserJet 9040 printer. This policy provides following modules: HP_LaserJet_9040