Welcome to the Pandora FMS Module Library

This is a library with modules, documentation and tools for Pandora FMS users, both public Open Source and Enterprise. Please use your support credentials (same as used to enter support system) in the menu to your right. You will be granted access to a resourceful module library or current enterprise technologies ready to be used in production. If you do not own an enterprise account, you still can browse and download lots of modules, you can even register a free account and contribute with your own modules/tools for other public users.


Other kind of modules, like website monitoring, desktop applications, etc.

Application monitoring

Modules for monitoring applications.

Network Monitoring

Modules for Network monitoring

Operating Systems

Monitoring modules for all kind of OS.


Pandora FMS artwork: Console backgrounds & icons, new icons for status and other graphics.

Security monitoring

Integrate Pandora FMS with other products.


Tools for Pandora FMS, not catalogued under other categories.


Inventory modules, local and remote.

System Integrations

Integrate Pandora FMS with other products.

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior