Virtual Mem Free HP-UX

These module returns percentage of free swap memory. Module data module_begin  module_name Virtual Mem Free  module_type generic_data  module_exec swapinfo | grep memory | tr ­d “%” | awk ‘{ print 100­$5 }’ | tr ­d “\n”  module_max 100 ...

Used disk on HP-UX

The module returns the percentage of occupied directory. Module data module_begin  module_name Used disk xxx  module_type generic_data  module_occupiedpercentdisk /xxx  module_description % used disk  module_end

Services on HP-UX

This module searchs if one service is running or not. Module data module_begin  module_name Service xxx  module_type generic_proc  module_service xxx  module_description Service xxx  module_end

Physical Mem Free on HP-UX

The module returns the percentage of the free physical memory. Module data module_begin  module_name Physical Mem Free  module_type generic_data  module_freepercentmemory  module_description % Physical mem free ...

Number processes on HP-UX

Module that returns the number of processes running in the machine. Module data module_begin  module_name Number processes  module_type generic_data  module_exec echo $(((`ps ­e | wc ­l`)­1)) | tr ­d “\n”  module_description Total processes ...

Instances xntpd HP-UX

The module search how many xntpd processes are running. Module data module_begin  module_name Instances xntpd  module_type generic_data  module_exec ps ­elf | grep “xntpd” | wc ­l | tr ­d “\n”  module_description Instances xntpd ...

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior