Status of any Linux service

Status of any Linux service This simple module checks if specified service exists and is active. It returns strings based on presence in the system and service activity.   Apache2 example module_begin module_name apache2_Status module_type generic_data_string...

OTRS integration plugin

This Pandora FMS plugin allows you to create and update tickets in OTRS using alerts and event’s responses. Find all the documentation and plugin below: Pandora_OTRS ES Integración OTRS EN OTRS Integration

Hadoop Monitoring enterprise

Plugin for hadoop cluster monitoring. The cluster prototype is a Namenode and its Datanodes. This plugin consults the Namenode, obtains its metrics and afterwards checks which Datanodes depend on it and its metrics too. All possible customizable metrics can be...

AWS-RDS Postgre

This agent plugin is monitoring AWS-RDS Postgre using AWS API (std and CloudWatch) as well as direct SQL queries to Postgre. The plugin is written in Perl and it using an external configuration file. Some information like the version and the RDS space are stored in...

For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior