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Linode monitoring server plugin

This plug-in is used to monitor instances in Linode.
It connects to the Linode cloud service to get data about the running instances and sends this data to the Pandora FMS server from which it has been executed.

Type: Server plug-in

The plug-in creates several agents, one for each instance in linode, each with its corresponding modules.

Module nameDescription
CPU_LoadPercentage of CPU used
Input/Output statistics IOBlocks written
Last UpdateLast update date
Linode TypeInstance size, image..
Linode_StatusLinode is running status
RegionInstance location
Running_StatusLinode is running status
Traffic netv4 inInput stats for IPv4, measured in bits/s
Traffic netv4 outOutput stats for IPv4, measured in bits/s
Traffic netv4 private_inPrivate IPv4 input statistics, measured in bits/s
Traffic netv4 private_outPrivate IPv4 output statistics, measured in bits/s




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